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i'm gonna tell you there's no black and no white

Today I took Ace The Wonder Dog up to Spencer, Massachusetts, for a herding instinct trial. Wherein he got to play with sheep.

The GRD totally lived up to his name. He learned the boundary, he followed voice commands, and he came home with extremely high praise from the instructor (who specifically mentioned his lack of ego and the way he carefully watched and figured stuff out) and with a great deal of petting and loff from everybody he met.

batwrangler and other friends were there, which means before too long there will be photos galore, including some of Ace with Booker, a gray-born gray (or "blue"--Ace is a black-born gray, a black dog who is going silver) which clearly show how dramatic the blue dog's coloring is.

I am so lucky to have this dog. Seriously. He is a prince among canines.

Later tonight, of course, there will be new Shadow Unit. Specifically, "Getaway," written by our own Emma Bull.
Tags: giant ridiculous dog, shadow unit, wtf

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