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you've got a fast car. i've got a ticket to get us out of here.

Hey! I have publication dates! Lots and lots and LOTS of publication dates.

As you know, Bob, the mass market paperback of Ink & Steel has been available since June 2nd. Meanwhile, the second half of the duology, Hell & Earth, will be available in mmpb on December 1. (The trade, of course, is available now.)

Also, the mmpb of All the Windwracked Stars is available September 1 (it's currently out in hardcover), and the hardcover of the prequel, By the Mountain Bound, will be out October 27th.

And last but not least, there's a publication date on Chill! Street date on the mmpb is December 29th. The old cover art has been redacted, and I am informed that there will soon be shiny! new! cover art. (Which I have not yet seen.)

...yeah, that's probably enough for one year.
Tags: pathetic self-promotion, street date

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