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oh the rain came down on a cold new town and he carried you away

I have lovely lemony wood sorrel (Oxalis montana) volunteering in the garden (yay for edible weeds!) and I just did a but of weeding and harvesting in the rain. I am now enjoying a breakfast salad of arugula (I've started pulling out the arugula--I will probably spend the next two weeks eating my way through the patch and then put in the second crop of carrots in the freed-up space), red oak lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, wood sorrel, baby beet and carrot greens (and a tiny tiny carrot or beet or two), radish blossoms, dandelion greens, and the leaves of the three broccoli* plants I pulled up because they were not doing well.

The other three broccolis have started to set their heads. Huzzah! 

The dressing was blood orange vinegar and olive oil. Om nom nom nom.

And now, pushups. And then reading some more of nisi_la's amazing Filter House.

In other news, the clitoris** has fallen off my laptop keyboard. Which is not a significant issue, as I never use it, but still, poor laptop.

*I have finally learned to spell this word

**The pointer mover thingy. Well, what else does it remind you of?
Tags: bork! bork! bork!, dreams and bones, grow your own, horticulture (no really: horticulture), suburban peasantry

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