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bear by san

March 2017



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jarts: internet lawn defense league

oh the rain came down on a cold new town and he carried you away

I have lovely lemony wood sorrel (Oxalis montana) volunteering in the garden (yay for edible weeds!) and I just did a but of weeding and harvesting in the rain. I am now enjoying a breakfast salad of arugula (I've started pulling out the arugula--I will probably spend the next two weeks eating my way through the patch and then put in the second crop of carrots in the freed-up space), red oak lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, wood sorrel, baby beet and carrot greens (and a tiny tiny carrot or beet or two), radish blossoms, dandelion greens, and the leaves of the three broccoli* plants I pulled up because they were not doing well.

The other three broccolis have started to set their heads. Huzzah! 

The dressing was blood orange vinegar and olive oil. Om nom nom nom.

And now, pushups. And then reading some more of nisi_la's amazing Filter House.

In other news, the clitoris** has fallen off my laptop keyboard. Which is not a significant issue, as I never use it, but still, poor laptop.

*I have finally learned to spell this word

**The pointer mover thingy. Well, what else does it remind you of?


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I have finally learned to spell this word

Glad its not just me. Every time I write it down it looks wrong.

I don't think my laptop has a clitoris. Now I feel deprived!
I always check it. It's just that now when I check it, I got it right, rather than wrong.

We have a lovely steady soaking rain today. The delicious things in the yard will be so happy.

Grow, little edibles! Grow!
I've always thought it was more like a nipple.
It's frequently known as "clit-mouse" or a "tit-mouse". Though not so often at work.
It appears to be one of those terms that varies with formality.
The pointer mover thingy. Well, what else does it remind you of?

A (very small) nipple?

"the clitoris has fallen off my laptop keyboard"

At first I was like: D:

Then I was like: XD

Carrot tops, by the way? Taste exactly like childhood.
I make some effort not to refer to the mouse thingy as the clit in mixed company, by which I mean company that contains both me and older male relatives.

I am jealous of your broccoli. But soon, oh soon, there will be cucumbers.

Well, not that soon. Soonish.
Yes. I have some of those in, too. I'm still holding out hope for the corn, also.
the clitoris has fallen off my laptop keyboard....

Not sure I'd get away with calling it that at work here - but nobody seems to mind calling it a nipple. *g*
I used to have a job that involved selling grease nipples. Sadly I never stopped finding the term funny.
And I thought having to call it a nipple in front of my co-workers was hard.
If you feel deprived, they do make replacements. How often can you say you got a chance to replace a clitoris?
In other news, the clitoris has fallen off my laptop keyboard. Which is not a significant issue.

It most certainly is for the laptop! ;)
Your post made my mouth water. Now *that's* a breakfast salad. When they finally get the back alley repaved and drained, I'm going to try growing some leafy numnums out there, if they can handle partial sun. If the neighborhood rodents leave me any. Worth a try, though.
In high summer, mesclun mix and lettuces should do perfectly well in partial sun.


if only they would let you use the roof.
(It speaks for itself! But I will add -- Yum.)
On the cook's list we were discussing sorrel soup (and other things one can do with sorrel) a couple of weeks ago. Want me to dig for recipes?
I usually just eat it raw. *g* but no, thanks, I am pretty capable of my own recipe searches unless you have a tested personal favorite.
I think IBM has trademarked the name TrackPoint (tm).
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