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and suddenly I find the truth and all it is is sighs and youth

#25, John Douglas and Mark Olshaker, Mindhunter
#26, John Douglas and Mark Olshaker, Obsession

Finishing off the reread. Always on the lookout for those telling details. What can I say?

#27, Nisi Shawl, Filter House

A collection of ingenious, varied short stories, justly hailed. nisi_la is possessed of enormous sentence-level craft and a richly varied, wild and alien imagination which in some stories reminds me of Connie Willis and in some is all her own. My favorite is "The Pragmatical Princess."

#28, Sharman Apt Russell, The Anatomy of a Rose

I really like Sharman Apt Russell. This book is a kind of sensual barrage, a skeet-shoot of information and cleverness, brief and fast-paced.
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