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Jenny just gave me a handle.

This is self-indulgent, and me thinking out loud, because I can't seem to write books unless I talk them through first. Unlike some writers, who *can't* talk through their stories, or they'll kill them. But it's my live journal! Mine! And if I can't be self-indulgent here, where can I?

I was writing an email to Dena Landon (look for her debut YA novel next year) between the work-at-home stuff I'm supposed to be doing today... and it hit me. I've been saying I'm having a hard time getting into Jenny's head because I do better characterizing damaged people. Healthy ones aren't as interesting to write.... and Jenny's fixed so many of her problems in the last book, I find myself wondering how to get under her skin.

Sure, she's healed. But the damage was her armor, and now she's all raw and scared and vulnerable in ways she hasn't been since she was fourteen. In an odd sort of way, she's rediscovered her naiveté. So she's more fragile then she's been since she was a little girl. That's interesting.... and it gives me a handle on her.

Poor kid. Any wonder why my characters don't trust me? "Hi, kid. Here to break your heart." "But I just got better!" "Yeah, but you're more interesting broken. Happy people are boring. Now tell me your worst nightmare, okay?"
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