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bear by san

March 2017



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she trades in piracy and sinning

Whew. It took all day, but I have successfully drawn a map, roughed in the geography, and named the cities on the Western half of a !Silk Road. ( !China and !India shall have to wait for a different map, and a different book.)

Anyway, I have enough to be going forth on, though I need to name two mountain ranges, a plateau, four seas, a conquered people, and an obscene amount of rivers.

This is totally not going to be a Guy Gavriel Kay-esque not-really-alternate-history: I'm inventing a whole new world and geography here, with cultures and peoples that may not bear any close resemblance to any given earth culture. But since you have to start somewhere, I'm starting from the Silk Road and the Mongol Empires. And the fates alone know where we'll end up.

But I have got a list of cities. Which I shall write down here, because I have been having entirely too much fun looking up ancient nicknames for cities and then misspelling them.

Messaline, Tasafon, Asitaneh, Asmaracanda, Qeshqer, Tsarepheth, Rasa, and Qarash. La! (The real trick is making the linguistic groups plain without being terribly obvious about it.)


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I want to visit Tsarepheth. Also, because I'm weird, I now expect Messaline to be ruled by a bloodthirsty teenaged girl.
Extra points for figuring out which city name I corrupted in each case... *g* (Messaline does not follow this pattern: it's named after a fine grade of silk. And obviously its name dates back to the not-Greeks, like Alexandria.)
I think I like the city of "La!" the most. It sounds like a fun place to visit.
Well done on the map. I was going to offer you the services of one of my children on the map front, but I wasn't sure if your book need that many pirates and a vomiting alien.

I'm very taken with Asmaracanda.
I cannot tell you how very enticing this is!

Great World Building

Hi :)
This sounds so interesting. I am eager for the book.
PS Have you read the Sun Sword series by Michelle West?
Love From Canada

Re: Great World Building

I have not, yet, but they are on my list. I love Michelle. *g*
I'm taking it that Asmaracanda is Samarcand, as Maracanda is the Greek name for this city. Qeshqer sounds like Bishkek (Pishpek, milk churn), but I might be completely wrong as it depends which way you are going (Greece onwards, but then there are a variety of routes through the C Asia on this planet).
Kashkar. But I think I'm in love with "Pishpek." Maybe when we get to !!Kiev, I can misspell that...

Asmaracanda is indeed Samarcand. Apparently the "Samar" or "Mara" part of it is from the Persian word "Asmara," meaning "stone."

...this is why it took me all day to name six cities, yeah.
Messaline, Tasafon, Asitaneh, Asmaracanda, Qeshqer, Tsarepheth, Rasa, and Qarash.

HEY MACARENA! (Alright!)
Ooo, those are lovely! And, yes, I also read the last one as Qarash-La. You know, like Buda-Pesht or Minneapolis-St. Paul....

And, glad that you went with what you wanted with Tsarepheth. *grin*

Tsarepheth wins!

Ah, world-building! One of my favourite parts of a new story. I could spend hours setting up cities, cultures, languages, histories, sometimes to the unfortunate result of not actually doing anything with the story itself. :/

The more you talk about all this, the more interested I become. :D
The real trick is making the linguistic groups plain without being terribly obvious about it

That *is* the trick, isn't it! Because you don't want people to be reading through your names to Earth history and saying, "Hey, wait, that's not what Tashkent is like," etc. No worries, though--I think you're safe.

But... to take you up on your challenge...

Silk Road cities are so full of awesome... I can't even pick a favorite...
Correct on all counts. *g* Good job! I should offer some kind of contest and prize when the book comes out...

And yes, exactly, I don't want to use anything too obviously earth-based, but swiping from real place names gives a... kind of sense of familiarity that I think city names should have. I mean, I've never been to Cairo. But I've heard of it.

3d map

let me know if you wish it to be converted
in to a tin (type of 3d map) vrml format

Re: 3d map

Coolness! First I need something other than pencil scribbles, mind you.

Oooo. *excitement*

I don't know why, but my inner anthropologist just squealed in delight. And I keep reading Qeshqer as Kashgar for no good reason. :/

Also, being interested in Mongol culturel doesn't help. 8D

On a random note.

Re: Oooo. *excitement*

'Kashgar' is on the Uighur side of the Chinese border. I've not seen the spelling with a 'k'.
This looks like a lot of fun.

I've always meant to do something in this vein, although more in the Bedouin areas, but I'm insanely in love with Akhsikat and Khujand and the entire Ferghana Valley.
No, La!, with the stop/click at the end. *grin*
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