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bear by san

March 2017



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hustle ash hell yes

i am tired. i am weary. i could sleep for a thousand years.

1041 words on a very bad synopsis. I suck at synopses. The book has a working title now, which is The Steles of the Sky.

Yes, I know the older plural is Stelae, but Steles is an acceptable English variant and I am still not a prescriptivist, and never will be.

So tonight and tomorrow, I try to finish a draft of the first chapter, and then we see what happens.

But right now, lunch. I think there are some grapes in the kitchen that cry out for my loving attention right now.


I suck at synopses

Can I get an AMEN?

If God had intended me to write synopses, she never would have invented the novel.
Yes. THAT. In spades.
Randomly (well, my sister's cat liked grapes, and that reminded me of the PC...), how is the PC doing of late? Her fan club longs for tidbits of news.
Scrabble accepts both spellings. ;)
Lunch? At 3:08pm? You really did travel a long way for that GSHW meet :)
Well, first there was breakfast, and then there was second breakfast, and then elevenses, so at lunchtime she was still full and had to wait until she was hungry again.
lol :)
That is a very attractive title. :)
I love anyone who quotes Velvet Underground songs, especially THAT one!
I like the title, but then I am fond of stelae in general.
Either title tweaks me. I like the rhyming of Stelae, but Steles has its amusement, too.
I love the pun when you say it out loud. *g*
Yes! :D