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bear by san

March 2017



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writing gorey earbrass unspeakable horro

different people with a common pain

Project: The Steles of the Sky
New words:  1156
Total Words: 1557 
Deadline: Next autumn, I hope.
Reason for stopping: End of chapter one, or chapter one as it currently stands.

Stimulants:  Laphraoig. Carbs be damned, proposals require alcohol. Also salad, tortillas and chili con queso, and lots of green tea
Exercise: 1 hour of yoga, minimal gardening, throwing ball for dog. Also, push-ups before bed (forthcoming)
Mammalian assistance: Cat came down and sat with me for an hour, twice. Otherwise the dog badly wanted to chase bicyclists.

Mail: All kinds of good mail! Edit letter for Chill, which means it's good I finished the proposal, because now I have to s tart revising Chill. Also, I have ARCs of By the Mountain Bound, which means--you guessed it--contest! I just dunno what kind of contest yet.
Today's words Word don't know: maned, stickily, paunched, khagan, khaganate, ger, wizarding
Words I'm surprised Word do know: caravanserais, steles

Tyop du jour: --
Darling du jour: The wound that still oozed blood between his fingers had saved his life.
Mean Things: civil war, genocide, infertility, recovery from surgery, grevious bodily harm, death of friends and stock, family drama
Jury-rigging: I suspect in its final version, the book will be organized in different POV chunks, but this way lets me introduce both POV characters in the scope of the proposal

There's always one more quirk in the character: Somebody's happy about her name change.
Other writing-related work: --
The Internets are full of things:
...but I was too busy today to notice any of them.
Books in progress: Jasper Fforde, Something Rotten
The glamour!: AT&T salesman who would not go away.


Aw, now, if your consuming Laphroaig means we get more stories, I'm almost tempted to give you my share. Almost. Perhaps I could just send you *part* of my share. Irregularly. (Yes, giving up Laphroaig would be highly irregular.)

Congrats on the new story ! It's nice to get to do the fun part every little while.
Laphraoig rules! Also yoga and gardening. As a cat person, can't say much for dog. New project sounds immensely exciting!

Well, seeing the comment above, hope also for some future work concerning the evolution and enlightenment of the peaty delights.

Edited at 2009-06-13 01:05 am (UTC)
It's lovely to see the progress notes again. I always enjoy them.
Go you!
The glamour!: AT&T salesman who would not go away.

Ah, the modern-day equivalent of the man from Porlock. You and Colerdige. You sure you aren't about to write something about Kubla Khan...?
Actually, um. Kinda. Now that you mention it.
gotta get the push ups in =D