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Writing Lucifer

truepenny just commented in email, "Lucifer gets all the best lines."

He does, too. And thus my nomination for best line *ever* written for Lucifer in all of fiction, anywhere: As delivered by Viggo Mortensen in The Prophecy (An awful, awful movie with an incredible cast--it also features Christopher Walken and Eric Stoltz), in response to a startled character's exclamation--"My God!"

To which Lucifer responds, "Oh, no. God is love. And I don't love you."

I know. It's not Milton. And it's not Marlowe either. But I really, really like it.

Words: 2,269
Reason for stopping: I did a whole buttload of exposition, which I really really like, finished out most of 1599, linked that chunk to the chunk I already had written sitting there waiting to be linked, and I am on page (drumroll) 812.


Out of 831.

It seems like it takes an awfully long time. But the stuff after the point where the cursor blinks keeps getting shorter and the stuff before the point where the cursor blinks keeps getting longer. And it's all good, baby. It's just all good.

I finished the 1604 Faustus and skipped the 1616 for now. I also started The Eyre Affair, which is nice so far but not grabbing me as hard as it seems to be grabbing everybody else. I've set down Divine Intervention for now. I may save it for post-book reading. Still working on Albion and more spottily on Impossible Things, which is a reread anyway.

I am happy.

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