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i'd like to be under the sea in an octopus' garden in the shade

State of the garden!

Today's bounty includes tiny teeny baaaaby carrots, which are made of deliciousness. I think the radishes may be a loss: they should be cooked by now, and though they are still tiny, they are woody and bitter. They're sure as hell not water-stressed: here in the Temperate Rain Forest* of Central Connecticut, we haven't had a dry day in two weeks. I suspect that the opposite happened, and they didn't get enough sun, because the tops are huge.

Ah well, I'll try again in the autumn.

I also got some more arugula, sorrel, green onions, lettuces, beet greens and a couple of tiny tiny beets, and one radish from the sunnier edge of the patch that was actually edible. The broccoli is nearly there, and the collards need to be eaten before they become leather. I should just get out there and harvest them... I'll do it today when I pull up the radishes. Maybe there's a couple more good ones in there somewhere. The slugs really like the tops, anyway.

So today I will be eating salad, and steamed carrot and beet greens, and collards. My blood is iron-rich! Nom nom. (Actually, I have been craving iron and protein lately, which I suspect is not unrelated to the fact that I went up five pounds on my bench press yesterday. Also, purple hair makes you run faster: I took a second off my mile.)

Yesterday I wrote 758 words on The Steles of the Sky. I'm still waiting for the edited MS of Chill to arrive: that should be here today.

Did not take the dog for a run today. My butt still hurts from the gym yesterday and I have to recover enough to climb tonight. Ouchy.

*apparently our New Normal climate is likely to be milder and wetter. Great for mushrooms, anyway....
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