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bear by san

March 2017



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writing softcore nerdporn _ heres_luck

when there came a killing frost...

"Her name is Bansh."

"Bansh? It's not a word I know. What does that mean? Something like Fearless or Sword of the Wind?"

Temur looked down at his shoes. "Dumpling," he said. "It means Dumpling."


LOVE. IT. Wasn't there a character somewhere whose awesome horse was Petunia? And let's not forget dear Bill in LotR. Yay, more inappropriately named horses! :D
Ack! Petunia! Yes! And I don't remember what book either!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

This is going to bug me for the rest of the day now.

Horse? I was sort of hoping it'd be one of the protagonists.

But still, very neat
The funny thing is, that's what horses are often named (or called as barn names) in real life. I've met horses named Piggy, Red, and Mook. I've heard of horses having barn names like Marshmallow, Lambchop, Sissy, and an unpredictable stud named Kitten.

Your name might be Sir John Parson's Cream Cheeks (actual, though vintage, Thoroughbred name!), but around the barn you're probably Cheeky.
Or Fred. I'm sure more than one Derby winner has only really answered to Fred.
And Susan Voight's Girasol. Which, while more elaborate, is still not exactly macho.

The most awesome horse I know is named Skip.
My favorite at the UConn barn was "Eclair."
Hee, hee! My first horse was called Bob. And the one in the icon was called Rhodri, not after the great Rhodri Fawr but because he was small, fat and hairy like a chap we knew who happened to be called Rhodri. :)
I learned to jump on a retired Grand Prix TB with the undignified barn name "Pumpkin." But my favorite was a horse we called "Duck" - because he had a habit of trying to bite your helmet off if you let your head get too close. :P
I knew a saddlebroke Perchy named "Mouser."

Because he did. STOMP! And that pretty much was the end of that.

You know, the ground is really far away from on top of a Percheron.
"God is in the details."
*recalls a beloved book from childhood*

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_0tA5dmNlUGY/SYNgVksz4cI/AAAAAAAADQs/1HIUOVQTg5Q/s1600-h/klipklop.jpg (warning: giant jpg)

Prince Krispin's horse is named Dumpling.
This is a wonderful post! I still need to make up names for two or three horses in my book. A loyal white mare who gets horribly killed and a black stud who thinks he's a stallion. I like short names. The heroine's red horse is called Dusk.
My favourite name for a horse is The Ark. It's the name of a real racehorse, now long dead. It won races, at a course named Caymanas Park. Most importantly, it was owned and bred by my grandfather.
Thank you for my morning grin.
This made me nearly snort my coffee up my nose and I *adore* it.

I would totally name a horse, Dumpling. Hee!
I once rode a buckskin named Lance who really ought to have been named Dumpling, as he was large and round and squishy.
I think it's a perfectly lovely name!

And on the tangential topic of racehorse names, my two faves were Smilin Singin Sam and Timely Writer. Srsly.

Fun barn horse names: Slip, Moo, Sparky, Top Hat
*Chuckles* I am so bad with names in my stories...