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i want to shout salvation's story in concert with that blood-washed band

So there. Last night and today, I think I fixed the major problems with "Wind-Up Boogeyman," the next episode of Shadow Unit, and once it's vacuumed and fluffed it will be ready to go live on, well, the Fourth of July. When I will be at Clarion West, which is why it has to be ready to roll so far in advance of airdate. Well, that, and it's nice for the webghoul to have time to put on the hospital corners.

Tonight I'll also be working on that, after archery, and then tomorrow after yoga I have to start on the revisions for Chill. Which are due back in NY the week of July 13th.

...did I mention that I'm going to be in Seattle from June 26th through July 11th, and that these are fairly major revisions?

...oh, honey. Send hot packs and cabana boys and... stuff, just stuff. Fortunately, I don't have any plans for this weekend....

Yup. This is the glamour, right here.
Tags: the glamour!, unspeakable horror of the literary life

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