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bear by san

March 2017



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writing softcore nerdporn _ heres_luck

you can't keep the sky from falling anyway

Oh, yeah--for anybody who has too much time on their hands, as usual, I am/have been/will be liveTwittering the Chill revision process at the predictable place.

Also, you know, if you are new here, feel free to introduce yourself, or not, and to comment, or not. I don't always answer all comments, but I read 'em.


I'm new here. Hi! Happy Friday!
Hi! In my for-pay life my name's Barry and I do technical work for small NGOs. I've worked with with the Internet for (ugh, can't believe it) sixteen years, so I've learned a real love of pen and paper, and fingers in sand, and (as has been said by someone else), writing on the surface of the lake. Love that image. Waterhouse's Lady of Shallot out on a date with Omar Khayyam. Who paddles, we wonder?

[We also wonder why a persian-derived allium is associated with a wikkan priestess brought low by libido and scrying, but that's a side-story. Lancelot was never so interesting, even when he mused a little space, but I like his little-toesy-woesy bit in White's anthem against fascism. Makes him easier to love. Well, kinda...]

I started reading your blog because a friend of a friend told me you wrote about Shuggoths, and I have a soft spot for soft, needy, and deadly things with masterless purpose. I'm rooting for you in the Hugos for that one, BTW.

Ulteriorly (wow, the built-in Apple API considers that a word. Cool.) motive-wise I'm starting to write myself, so I came here to observe the artist in situ and to learn. But I stayed for the fun.
Hi! Nice to meet you more formally. And I'm glad there's fun. *g*
Hiya! Welcome!
As long as your tweeting:

"Twitter Folks-set your location to Tehran and your time zone to GMT +3.30. Security forces are hunting for bloggers using location/timezone searches. The more people at this location, the more of a logjam it creates for forces trying to shut Iranians' access to the internet down. Cut-n-paste this. We have to help protect the Freedom Fighters"

Not sure if it's true, but who's it gonna hurt, right?
I accept that blame. *g*
I blame my addiction to Criminal Minds on you.

Heh. So do I, as it happens. I did try to resist, but, y'know. It was futile.
Glad to be of service.

Really, once you give it a chance, it pretty much sells itself. It's just a matter of getting past the OMG not another police procedural thing.
Yup, I think that exactly. I'd seen maybe one episode from the middle of the first series, so no notion of character development or story arc; your interest interested me, so when the chance came I started in with episode one and followed along for a bit. And, yup. Got hooked.

Did I or did I not?

I can't actually remember if I've introduced myself or not, before. Swede in exile, been working in and around IT for, er, 18 years? Something like that. I provide housing for a couple of cats and a dog. In my spare time, I scribble nonsense (including but not limited to trying to write at least SOMETHING about every book I read), the occasional pen&paper RPG and sometimes assorted other things.

I've been known to email authors to check if they want their LiveJournal accounts linked-to in my write-ups of a book of theirs.

Re: Did I or did I not?

You've commented enough that I know who you are. *g*

Re: Did I or did I not?

Noooo! Actually, I guess that's a good thing.
I'm a long time lurker who almost never posts, and I welcome the invitation to introduce myself.

I read your LJ because I read your books, and initially it was a good way to keep up with what you had coming up. I was/am subscribed under my catch-all "I don't really know these people but I want to read about them" readerofwriters.

We have met a couple of times at conventions, and perhaps back at my Chicago bookstore The Stars Our Destination (I closed in 2004), but in both cases there were hundreds of people involved and I wouldn't expect either of us to remember.

Thank you for the invite to speak up, and most especially for the marvelous hang-out space you provide here.
I've never been in Chicago, except the airport, but I bet we've run into each other at a con.

Nice to e-meet you!
You have the dubious pleasure of being the first person I friended on LJ because I found you to be amusing on Twitter. Generally it's the other way about. Thought process was along the lines of, "Her tweets are actually fun to read! The LJ must be doubly so!"

I've read your books from way back, but you hit my consciousness recently because someone sent me a link to Shadow Unit a few months ago, and I went tearing through everything on the site like a buffet line. It's torture now having to wait for the next installment. But I love it.

Anyway. Thanks for all the work you do, and I'll be following the revision process with interest!
Hey, nice to meet you. And I'm glad I am amusing. *g* I try...
Well, thank you. I am very glad to be of service. *g*
A friend recommended Shadow Unit to me last year. I was hooked after a few episodes, and from there, via The Stratford Man (which I adored), I wended my way here. Today seems be the day to de-lurk and say hello, and to say thank you; your LJ is always interesting, or informative, or amusing, and a pleasure to read.
Thank you very kindly. I will endeavor to stay amusing and informative, then. *g*
Hi! I'm another lurker coming out of the closet. I found your books and then your journal thanks to Tideline, which is one of my favorite short stories. I am, coincidentally, another Criminal Minds addict (though in my case, it's not your fault).
Hi! I like your biohazard symbol.
Thanks. I'm a biologist, so I use the icon with a snotty sense of entitlement. ;-)
I'm not technically new here but I've only been reading you for a couple months. :) I'm a friend of michaelnolan's. :D
Welcome. *g*