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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid eat

you know the one who made it made it because she was actually pretty good.

Thursday night after archery, the usual gang of idiots decided to try Manchester's new Indian restaurant, India Kitchen. ashacat has a writeup here.

My verdict? Recommended, with some reservations, all of which Asha has enumerated. The favorite dishes for me were the poori (which was really sublime poori) and the sweet lassi, bot hof which were excellent. I also recommend the restaurant for cognitive dissonance for long-time Connecticut residents, as the building it occupies is the former Howard Jonson's/Roy Rogers off exit 63 on I-84. The interior has been entirely remade. The exterior still has an orange plastic roof.

It is not, alas, the much-mourned Ambassador of India. However, it's a solid B, and as decent Indian restaurants in central Connecticut are at a twenty-year low currently, it's well worth your time and patronage.

And they deliver.


I didn't even know Ambassador had closed, I don't think. Apparently it's been a long time since I ate at an Indian restaurant within the borders of CT. *wry look*
It's a recent death. ALAS! Alackaday. *g*
...the building it occupies is the former Howard Jonson's/Roy Rogers off exit 63 on I-84. The interior has been entirely remade. The exterior still has an orange plastic roof...

Having a fairly large population of folks of Korean descent, there are many fine Korean restaurants in northern Virginia. My buddy Jong, possessing as he does of substantially more knowledge of Korean food than I have, assures me that the finest of them is in Fairfax, next to the PJ Skidoos. It's the one that, from the street, looks an awful lot like a Denny's, for much the same reason.
We have an Indian restaurant that used to be an Arby's. It looks the same from the outside. I haven't been in.
I have to say I love your song-title-post-titles...half the time you use songs I thought nobody listened to but me.
Hm, speaking of which, where did that cd go in the move, I wonder...somehow it never made it on my ipod.

My friends call me the human earworm.
If you ever make it to the Albany area, we've got at least a couple of A's here :)
Your place names are sometimes very confusing. I mean, Manchester and curry makes perfect sense. But you don't mean *that* Manchester (of the soccer team).
Towns to either side are Glastonbury and South Windsor. Hebron is just down the road...

Not to mention Scotland, Canterbury, New London, etc...

And then there's biblical Connecticut ... Bethlehem, Lebanon, Satan's Kingdom (state recreation area), and Devil's Hopyard. Back in the 19th century we even had a Sodom and Gamorrah. :-)
Upstate NY has a lot of Greek and Roman--Ovid, Homer, Rome, Ithaca, Syracuse, Virgil, Romulus, etc. Apparently the Army Corps of Engineers were into the classics.
New Haven has Tandoor, better known to all as the Indian Diner, because it took over the 50s-era tin-can diner downtown. They left the soda fountain counter, and everything. It's our favorite low-end Indian food in town, and not just for the ambience. (For high-end, it's Thali all the way...)

Extraordinarily convenient, alas, if I happen to be an hour and fifteen minutes from home. *g*
My parents ADORE Thaali. I have yet to make the hike down, all the more difficult with a toddler.
*deeply envies an Indian place that delivers

We have two locally that do takeout, but they don't deliver. *sigh*