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you know the one who made it made it because she was actually pretty good.

Thursday night after archery, the usual gang of idiots decided to try Manchester's new Indian restaurant, India Kitchen. ashacat has a writeup here.

My verdict? Recommended, with some reservations, all of which Asha has enumerated. The favorite dishes for me were the poori (which was really sublime poori) and the sweet lassi, bot hof which were excellent. I also recommend the restaurant for cognitive dissonance for long-time Connecticut residents, as the building it occupies is the former Howard Jonson's/Roy Rogers off exit 63 on I-84. The interior has been entirely remade. The exterior still has an orange plastic roof.

It is not, alas, the much-mourned Ambassador of India. However, it's a solid B, and as decent Indian restaurants in central Connecticut are at a twenty-year low currently, it's well worth your time and patronage.

And they deliver.
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