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we run, we hide. we want the good life.

Quiet words, soft eye, straight spine. Push through, carry on. You can walk on a broken leg if you set your jaw against it. It's not good for you, or for the limb, but there's time to be fragile when the war is won. That, too, he had learned from his father.

Page 200 achieved. I am halfway done with the first pass of the revision process. Tomorrow, we go for page 300, and Monday, hopefully, we finish the line edits and notes for what to do later.

Then we can start the process of actually rewriting, fixing the stupid bits, adding content, and so on.

In a totally uncharacteristic reaction, I'm enjoying this revision. In fact, I am full of ideas for nifty plot developments that, if I had had them in 2007 when they would have been useful, would have made the process of writing this fucking thing much more like a voyage of joyous discovery and much less like Bogey dragging the African Queen through the leech-infested delta.

Huh. maybe I should write more books with no discernable plot and lots of snark.

Also, Tragic Tristen is Tragic. He probably should have known what he was getting into from the name I assigned him, but characters. They're incurable optimists and they never read the fine print.

An interesting thing about The Discipline: not only in general is my mood better (and more stable), but I can tell when I need to eat because I become incredibly crabby. Like right now. Hey, it's been a lot of hours since lunch. I think I need to go kill something to tide me over to dinner, which TBRE is in the kitchen making, but it may be a while. OMG food.
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