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It's a good thing I have a responsible dog, because I failed responsible dog ownership and forgot to take out the trash with the turkey bones in it for two nights running. The GRD, when I remembered this morning, just looked at me mildly as if to say, "A gentleman doesn't trash-pick, Mom."

I'd say he was the Amazing Dog With No Bad Habits (hawkwing_lb opines that perhaps he's an alien in a dog suit come to study our culture, but if she's right--and she may be--they need to work on their understanding of what Earth  Dogs look like), but there is the cat stalking and right now he's running the length of the house, from window to window, chasing squirrels from inside.

The impressive part is when he stands up like a bear on his back legs to look out the screen door, because he knows he's not supposed to put his paws on the screen.

In a minute here we have to go for our run, and then come back and work on Chill. (Goal for today, two chapters of the second pass. There will also be a third pass, for continuity, so I don't so that embarrassing thing where I change something and then neglect to change it somewhere else. Which of course would never happen around here, with our exacting standards of quality control.)


I'm thinking about my packing for Seattle (I leave Friday afternoon) and being amused by the number of different pairs of shoes I am going to need. Which, for many people, I suspect would be picking out heels and pumps and so on. Me, I'm trying to decide if I should pack the cordovan mary janes OR the black chinese style slippers, and if I can get away with leaving behind any of: hiking boots, running shoes, Tevas, climbing shoes, goth boots (which count as athletic footwear... *g*)...

I think I will wear the Goff Boots to save space. That should be fun at the metal detector. Thank dog they have zippers.

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