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who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me?

Or, as I said to rikibeth tonight, "I have hated this song for 25 years."

She and I went out to Haven tonight to get our Goth on. It was Old School night, which turned out to  be 80s pop rather than 80s Goth (where was my Joy Division? Where was my Cure? Okay, so there were two Siouxsie songs and one Depeche Mode, but really folks.)

But. I love my new stompy boots: I just danced hard for three hours and I feel like I was wearing sneakers. WIN! (They're six buckle docs: this was their first serious outing.)

And there was sufficient eye candy. So all is well, and all manner of things are well.


P.S. I am a sparklepire. I used silver hairspray, and it is shedding everywhere!
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