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way back in 68 everything was so great no way wrong date

Today was a pretty great day. Driving around with marykaykare (including farmer's market), Locus awards (where Paolo righteously kicked my ass), Hall of fame inductions, and then Goffing with cmpriest, blackaire and others whose elljay handles I do not know. (Identify yourselves!) The music was kind of indistinguishable industrial until one of our number took over and demanded the :Wumpscut, which seemed to embolden the crowd, and after a certain amount of harrassment the deejay seemed to catch on that we were OLD FARTS and wanted STUFF WITH LYRICS, whereby dancing commenced. I am not yet old. I can still dance to Skinny Puppy. This pretty much means by default that I am not yet old.

Also, my little black cocktail dress = awesome for dancing in.

So then we went to IHOP and calories were obtained, after which some idiot (me) discovered that she had somehow lost her cellphone and two credit cards. However! The cute bartender at the club had found them and tucked them behind the bar for me, and so the ranch was saved (and the bartender retipped most heartily).

Moral? Be nice to the help. They may save your everloving ass.

And now I sleep, because lo, tomorrow we drive to Vancouver.

It's a damned good thing that I have more stamina than sense. Just saying.

Oh, also. Tomorrow, As You Know Bob, because I will be out of town, there will be Shadow Unit content. La.
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