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bear by san

March 2017



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bad girls marlene make my day

tourism deathmarch, North American Pacific Rim version.

Seattle, day 5. Still no bukkit.

Having an awesome time in general, however. I had no idea I had so many friends in this part of the world!

Sunday, cmpriest took me on the Seattle Underground tour and then to the aquarium, where we saw sea otters and An! Octopus! (and sea otters!) I learned many things that will be exceptionally useful when I write the Heroic Hookers Of The Old West book I've been meaning to write since 2005, I think it was, or whenever stillnotbored, retrobabble, and I were crawling all over San Francisco. (The imaginary city where the book takes place is starting to form itself in my head. But it still needs a name.)

Monday, I went to the Pike Place Market with marykaykare, inaurolillium, and glinda_w. The market itself was pretty much my idea of the second level of Hell (shopping plus that many monkeys? OMG.) but the food we procured was outstanding, as was the meal the Mad Gastonomer later fashioned from its component parts. (NB: your west coast garlic scapes are not like our east coast garlic scapes. Who knew?)

Yesterday, MKK and I drove up to Vancouver. Along the way we stopped for breffast with anghara and spouse, and in the city itself we split up so she could go bookshopping and I could wander around and get the lay of the light. I wound up walking across the Granville Bridge (Your Canuckistan, where drivers will stop for pedestrians in crosswalks on freeway onramps!!!!) and oogling the inlet. OMG, gorgeous. I kept having to tell the cvillette / standuponit in my head that no, we were not jumping off it, however. (We had a similar talk later about the Lion's Gate. If he wants to BASE jump, he can get his own body.)

We reconvened at the restaurant to find out that um, the car had been towed. I guess we both missed the no-parking-after-three sign. 0.0 Fortunately, it turned out that the restaurant we intended to dine at was used to these shenanigans, and the civil servant at the impound lot was remarkably, well, civil, and so the ranch was saved.

The mysterious and lovely galeni then met us (via the magic of Twitter, we formed the world's smallest flash mob) at the BBQ place we had selected to feed MKK's need for MEAT. We ate MEAT (and in my case more cornbread than was strictly necessary) and then she took us for a tour of Stanley Park before delivering us safe and sound to the impound lot, where the car was reclaimed with no problems.

And so we came home.

Vancouver was not at all what I expected. I mean, in some ways I guess it's a typical Pacific Rim city (is there any such thing?)--multiethnic, cosmopolitan, multicultural, interlacing the sea.  I was very impressed by the mountains (and Mount Baker on the way back--about the only thing I miss about Vegas is the mountains out my kitchen window, and the Volcano Roulette is proving very satisfying to me for this reason) but if I hadn't known I was in Canada, I would have kept mistaking the place for... Miami. Mostly, it was the condos, and the design of the condos. Of courses, Vancouver is Canada's San Diego, but it's weird to see the evidence of that in the balconies, open architecture, and walls of floor to ceiling glass.

What a nifty city. I would like to go back for longer.

This morning, I went for a run through Capitol Hill and up to Volunteer Park, where I joined the hordes of joggers and dog walkers and got some much-needed exercise. I'm enamored of the Capitol Hill architecture, with its peculiar combination of Pac Rim pagoda, Edwardian foursquare, and mock Tudor. (My favorite so far is the lavender and cream mock Tudor second story perched atop a purple brick first floor. Gorgeous.) 

Today's plan is MKK's birthday luncheon, a tour of a chocolate factory, and then fun with scarlettina. Tomorrow, I hike. Friday, climb, various luncheon and tea plans, and then--alas!--I shall have to pass on the Fremont Zombie Walk because I am being called in to start doing what I was brought here to do. (Mwahahahaha.) I feel a little like a spy who's been activated: go to this wonderful place, spend time, get to know the people and the city... and then perhaps you will receive a call.


The Seattle Underground tour is a hoot. I love the sordid history of cities.
I was feeling crowd-overwhelmed, and didn't come out. I guess I should have.

I hadn't thought of Vancouver as San Diego or Miami. I guess it's because you caught it on one of our very few sunny days a year. :D Really, most of the city isn't like that, though; the neighbourhoods downtown and some of the new bits along the SkyTrain are, but most of it is low-rise apartments and houses. (The main house--called the "Vancouver Special"--is a 1960s/1970sish five bedroom, with three upstairs and two down, and the two down separated out to be a separate rental unit.)

It sure is lovely when the mountains are out, though. I love my adopted city. ♥
You'd be shocked at the number of people who want to be friends everywhere! Why, I know a good half dozen right here in the Heart of Iowegia, and that's without even leaving my Inner Circle!
The squirrels say hi...

And if I had thought about it I might have warned you about the towing thang. I've heard... odd things happen to American cars in Vancouver. I have a first-hand account of an American friend's car having a window deliberately smashed, and then the towing company called in to take it away from the parking garage where it had been left because it was damaged - and they could not bring it back across the border, for some bureaucratic reason that I cannot now precisely recall, until they had the window fixed. It proved to be something of an expensive trip, that time.

I love YVR and don't get out there enough myself.
You know, I had no idea you were in Seattle. My lovely, beautiful, fucked up home.

I hope you enjoy it here! And if you want coffee and/or restaurant recs, let me know!
It's funny, the very first time I went out to the PNW was almost exactly 10 years ago (the US Women won the World Cup while we were on the plane). We started by visiting our friend in Capitol Hill for a few days, then relocated to Vancouver for the Folk Festival.

Vancouver is one of my favorite cities on the planet, but the architecture really kinda pisses me off. Mainly, all the tall buildings totally block the view of the mountains!! Unless you're right down on the waterfront or in Stanley Park, you have no clue there's impressive mountain ranges all around you. It's really sad.

Love love LOVE Seattle. I always recommend to anyone going to Seattle that they check out th Sushi Happy Hour at Wasabi Bistro on 2nd. Cheeeeeeeep sushi and drinks from 11pm to closing every night. And ZOMG it's the best yellowtail EVER.
I am trying to figure out the relationship of octopodes and sea otters to the Heroic Hookers of the Old West.

I have observed that the Pacific Ocean, and the sun setting into it has an enormous power to make favourite ex-wives jealous.
I wound up walking across the Granville Bridge

Oh good, it's not just me. "We could wait for the next bus, but we just missed this one because we weren't sure it was the right one. Or we could walk."

Hope you got to see the black squirrels in Stanley Park.

What a nifty city. I would like to go back for longer.

Damn. I would have comped you both up to the top of Smith Tower (Seattle's oldest skyscraper, often mentioned on the Underground Tour) if I'd known you would be in the area on Sunday. But it doesn't sound as though you have any shortage of excitement.
Sounds like you had a lot of fun :)
Wishing I'd have had the time to drive up from Portland to join your flashmob.
Today's plan is MKK's birthday luncheon

today is my birthday too .. and luncheon will be involved, so I lift my iced tea glass in MKK's direction and say Clack!
I'm glad you're enjoying Seattle! I've lived here about 3 1/2 years, really love it. I live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, just down the street from Volunteer Park. It's a great neighborhood. I won't make it to your reading next week (I'm in SF for the day job) and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to go to the party -- I'm flying back Friday night and I'm unsure if I'll be back in time. But enjoy your time here!
Well, if you do make it, I would love to see you. *g*

I'm origionally from Vancouver

Coquitlam BC lowermainland actually 1952-1978. My mother had a joke about Vancouver she'd say "I dont get why people like to move here, rains all the time and the mountains block the view."

The People's Republic of Fremont

When you get to Fremont, don't forget to say hello to Vladimir Ilyich, the Troll, and the those fine folk Waiting for the Interurban (don't forget JP and Gertrude running to catch up). The Greek place is good but there are a lot of small eateries in the area that are capable of serving up decent grub.

Check out Wiki for more info.
The imaginary city where the book takes place is starting to form itself in my head. But it still needs a name.

Herman? Elspeth? Serena? Ambrosius? Apollinea? Wallingford? Thomasina? Bartholemew? Thangustella? Zedediah? Rosamunda? Burtonstather? Ermintrude?

Don't mind me. People I care about keep dying around here and I think I'm a little punchy as a result.

Off topic

Just checking in to see if you have received the Clarion West emails I have sent. If not, please respond to my user name at clarionwest.org

Thank you! See you again soon!