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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me


How on earth did I get this lucky?

Best day ever, which I kind of don't want to talk about too much because it will take the shine off, but there was an eagle at lunch, and sunset over Puget Sound, and a sculpture garden, and geeky writer bonding, and devil duckies, and Seattle hugs and New York smooches.

Best. Day. Ever.


ETA: Oh and also we went to the center of the universe and I got to climb a troll. In a broomstick skirt and clogs. Yes, there will be are photos.



I am crazy wicked glad for your best day ever. they are good to have.
The troll is one of my favorite Seattle landmarks. Did you see the ginormous statue of Lenin down the hill?
Sounds like a typical day in my neighborhood. Did you share your fries with the eagle? That only encourages them.
And there was even climbing! Without paying, no less! ;-)

Delighted to be part of your perfect day.
::icon love::

(But then, I'm prejudiced.)
Lovely day and I'm glad the troll didn't eat you. Last time I went I was pretty sure he was going to eat me. Although that may have been booze thinking.
Not even a nibble. But we were in direct sun, see?
I've lived here my whole life and have never been there in the daytime. I believe this is further proof that I am in fact a vampire.
All of your Seattle/NW tourism posts are making me (as I swelter in Mediterranean heat) seriously miss my hometown. I'm glad it's being good to you.
Indeed! And a very fine troll he is!
I'm glad you had a good day, even if it was apparently because of an Evil Plot to give Boston all of Seattle's weather for the month....
The troll looks bored with the paparazzi. You look great.