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bear by san

March 2017



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writing shadow unit chaz gravity

the doctor said she's lucky, it could have been much worse.

I won't be around tonight, because I have An Engagement. However, there will be new Shadow Unit! A short novella by, um, me, entitled "Wind-Up Boogeyman."

It will also come with easter eggs and extras, of course.

Season 2 is more than halfway over!

What is Shadow Unit? I say it's a collaborative interactive reader-supported serial hyperfiction.

Emma, who is better at clarity than I am, says:

(Our story so far: Shadow Unit is a reader-supported series. So if you can, please donate via the link on the Shadow Unit page, join in the discussions on the Shadow Unit BBS, or just tell us, here or in person, that you enjoy what we do. That's support!)


(*on edge of seat for SU tonight*)

A friend of mine drew Seeker fanart since she's started B&I. It's just a doodle, but I figured you'd be interested:

She's on the lower left-hand corner. The other two doodles are someone else.
Oh, shiny! Thank you!

(and it's live.)
I'm enjoying reading it, tho I haven't read much yet. I started at the beginning and am on episode 3. I like it.
Thank you. *g*
Thank you! *g* I had fun writing it.
I loved the installment. It was mesmerizing.
thank you.
I finally got time to sit down with my Shadow Unit and happily watch/read.

Very nice! Loved Chaz chewing out Reyes.

And you know what's amazing? How all of you writers keep the tone so consistent, and yet each ep also has the personality of the individual writer stamped on it.
Thank you very much. *g* We work pretty closely together.
Hi Bear,
I think that the link to "Wind-Up Boogeyman" is borken on the Shadow Unit Episodes listing. I can get access to the story via the link you include above, but not here.

Enjoying the series very much.

p.s. sorry to be an editing nerd, but I found a typo:
"Villette glanced from Pauley to Falker to Reyes"
The link will go up on the episodes page when it comes off the front page. *g* The wiki is fan maintained, but you can leave a note in the talk page of the reading order entry for a correction....