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and they ran through the bushes and they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles

Clarion West, day 1

7 a get up, check email, shower
8 a go eat cheerios w/students, hang out
9 a crits start
10:30 a potty break
10:35 a crits resume, eat small bowl of organic tortilla chips for strength
11:40 a finish crits, break for lunch, chicken taco calad w/home-made guac nom
12:30 p commence student meetings (INSERT TEA HERE)
3:30 p end student meetings, hang out w/ students
5 p eat dinner, fried chicken, brownies, nom!
5:30 p class (5 basic PLOT STRUCTURES w/bonus "build a hollywood blockbuster" game.")
6:30 p commence reviews for tomorrow
8 p check email, lj, facebook, twitter
9:15 p find glass of OMG TEH SEXX amazing blackberry wine, wander back over next door to see what students are up to and if it's fun....

...four more days of this? I might live. *g*
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