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December 2021



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keep dropping bombs until the whole world's dead you said it's all been done and it's all been said

Despite everything, I just sent Chill back to Anne, only a day late, despite cross-country travel and a week teaching Clarion West.


I rock.

Or rather, if you want me, I'll be under this rock.

Cue the post-novel ennui.


You rock. Chill is coming!
Good plan. But I think I drank the last of the Lagavulin a few weeks ago, so I'll have to substitute Balvenie PortWood.
Good for you!
only a day late

But was it a dollar short?

And (more seriously), yay! Dust is very much my favorite book of yours.
Congrats on finishing Chill.
Well played! I am impressed, and tired on your behalf. ;)

/Commences waiting with bated breath for Chill to come out/
Good on ya!
Yay! I look forward to reading it!
Woo hoo!!!

Congratulations. :-)
*slips a soothing beverage under your rock*
Huzzah! Rocking is part of your everyday life, you know.
Way to go.


Currently in my post-collection ennui. haha
Congrats! WOO!
Which rock? The geologist in me wants to know--one like this? Or would this one be better in hot weather, what with the water access? This one also has a nice view, if you're into mountains. Perhaps something in the Yellowstone area would be nice, with plenty of wildlife and trees. Or maybe something with some complicated erosion, so you can be both under the rock and inside it, with a chance at dry feet in case of rain, and some ventilation. Maybe you weren't looking for granite--how about something nice in basalt, complete with artwork. A nickel-iron meteoritic boulder might help you get back in line with the earth's magnetic field. Unless, after all the traveling, you'd rather have something closer to home, say, in Montville.

(Look, I haven't even got to sedimentary and metamorphic rock...I'm saving for those for tommorrow.)

And from the Consort:

YAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! (he is too dignified to squee, apparently)
Nicely done! I think you just leveled up your Author class.