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i tell you all my secrets but i lie about my past.

Jupiter Jones here, activating the ghost-to-ghost network...

Item the first: cmpriest brings you a shinytastic new website, The Clockwork Century, for her shinytastic new steampunk project, beginning with Boneshaker, which is due out like any minute now, or this autumn, whichever comes first.

Item the second: Anticipation (the Worldcon) is having a writer's workshop this year, in which I am participating as an instructor or whatever they're calling it. Somehow, this has managed to not make it onto the website, and due to an outbreak of something-or-other (mass zombification in Montreal? Reports are sketchy) it will not be making it onto the website. However, if you are attending the Worldcon, and you want to come spend two hours having your beloved baby story picked over by cruel and heartless literary professionals who want nothing so much as to crush your spirit*, you can participate in this program by:

emailing Oz Whiston at "writers-workshop AT anticipationsf DOT ca" AFTER reading her blog post here detailing the submission process.

Item the third: there is no item the third.

So, yeah, apparently I am still plumb wore out and sleeping a lot, as I got up this morning two hours after I usually do (though not as late as yesterday) and so far have accomplished not a whole lot except playing with the dog, showering, making a pot of Russian caravan, and eating some raspberry bread and an apple.

This writing thing is exhausting, I tell you what. But that's okay, because I have delivered the book, and I'm allowed to crash for a week or two now.

Right. More animal protein and a nap, and maybe I will have the oomph to go climb something tonight.

*that would be me and/or my colleagues
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