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rock and roll is dead i probably shoulda stayed in school

Little blossoms and little green tomatoes are growing on the Cherokee Purple, the Black Klim, the Green Zebra, and the Amish Paste tomato plants, and the Reisentraube has bunches of promising flowers. The peas are over and the broccoli went to flower while I was away (alack!) but the carrots and squash are just coming into their own, and the cucumbers are tiny and cute. Also, I just brewed my first cup of tea with the black peppermint and lemon balm, and the parsley and dill went into last night's bouillabaisse.

I have about four corn plants--that's all that made it. Better luck next year, but I will hand-pollinate them and see if I get anything.

Mmm. Bouillabaisse.

I need to put in more peas, and the second crop of carrots (I have multicolor carrots!), and the mesclun. Wheee!

Also, the pear trees are just covered. I hope the birds leave me a few.

Tags: dreams and bones, grow your own, horticulture (no really: horticulture), suburban peasantry

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