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bear by san

March 2017



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ace the wonder dog

is there a tiny part of me untouched, unsoiled by misery?

Dog brushed and pajamas attained, only six hours and one somewhat dubiously subtextual PG movie later. (I suppose it could have been an arty commentary on how callously Dumbledore uses Harry throughout.)

I swear this dog has more coat every time I brush him. Ace, you show career is over unless we go to the Rassemblement next year. You can stop now.

Also, he had something sticky matted into his moustache, and that had to be brushed out. Poor dog.


When it's not dead toads, the little dog gets pine pitch in his coat. We had to trim some (carefully) from between his paw pads (too much to get out with butter, which he would have vastly preferred).
It's a Dogge's life.
I hated the sixth book and loved the sixth movie, because the director doesn't ask us to APPROVE of Dumbledore's disgusting behaviour as much as Joanne Rowling does.
I also have a Cat Of Infinite Fur™, although strangely, it's the short-hair. The mini-Maine Coon we have just quietly sheds her guard hairs for the most part.
I lost a couple of hours of my life watching that movie tonight, too. While I went in with relatively low expectations, it was even less satisfying than I had expected.

Was that an Alan Rickman robot playing the part of Severus Snape?
Your first line had me picturing the giant ridiculous dog in pajamas....