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bear by san

March 2017



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almost won but it doesn' count. it never does.

I'm writing this while I try to talk myself into taking the dogge for a run. Any second now... and then we can have our breakfasts.

Didn't post about climbing Monday night, but it was generally good. I got another overhung 5.8 (one I'd tried on Friday and gotten too pumped on, too fast, so I couldn't finish the last three moves.) Tonight, I mean to try the new 5.8 on the 45-foot wall, which is very high and only a little overhung. I think I should be able to do it, but there will be icing of the arms this afternoon before I try. Also, the Chaz--recommended pre-climbing cocktail of caffeine and naproxen. (Yeah, climbers dope. It helps. Pass the Bute.)

After I climb, I can have a beer. Oz has spoken.

Other than that, I failed on two routes--another overhung 5.8 which has been a project for a while, and which will be my first route tonight (It has one move that kills me), and a new route, grr argh, which is balancy and technique-laden and I just could not get my weight off my left foot on the third move so I could kick it up. Better luck next time, Bear. But I also climbed--well, I kind of built myself a rainbow, because I decided I was being wimpy, and I think that was about a 5.7, and I also did two 5.8s on the slab and a tricky psych-out of a 5.8 in the dihedral under and over the barrel vault, which I had also done before.

Goals for today include finishing the book I'm reading and maybe reading another one, folding the laundry, climbing some more, and push ups. Grr, argh, push ups. Probably after I climb, unless it's right after I run, because of course that's the time to do them. (I'm redoing the first day of week three, because after the hiatus in my workout schedule created by Clarion West and coming home sick, I need the boost.)


Go running! Now! Go! :-)
Oh wow - just reading about you going running and climbing is exhausting me.

And enjoy the beer.
"balancy and technique-laden" is actually my favorite kind of route, because my normal excuse ("I'm too short") usually isn't an issue. Also it's such a rush when you finally clean it. Especially if it takes a bunch of tries.

Sounds like a great climbing night. I'm jealous. Good luck tonight!