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bear by san

March 2017



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evile overbear

i figured you for a concrete contractor

This is mrissa's fault.

3 Things Meme

Three names I go by:
Bear, Sarah, Elizabeth.

Not necessarily in that order.

Three Jobs I have had in my life:
office manager, stablehand, waitress

You all knew about the writer thing already, right?

Three Places I have lived:
North Las Vegas, Nevada; Newark, Vermont; basically all over Central Connecticut

I really am a Yankee.

Three Favorite drinks:
Tea, cranberry juice, carrot juice

Also scotch and good beer, when I am drinking alcohol

Three TV Shows that I watch:
Criminal Minds, Mythbusters, and, um, um, um...

Does True Blood count when I have it on as background noise to make fun of while folding laundry? There used to be more of these--Hustle, Life, and Survivorman--but they have all gone away. *Sniffle*

Three places I have been:
San Diego, California; Toronto, Ontario; Lymington, Hampshire

I should probably put countries in there. but I like the simplicity of it as it stands. And that's also all the countries I have been in, except for Scotland, where I visited Glasgow. And got mistaken for a Canadian a lot.

Three people who text me regularly:
tanaise, stillsostrange, and TBRE.

Actually, nobody texts me *regularly*. But those three probably do at least once a month.

Three of my favorite foods:
I second the nomination of Hotate (scallop) nigiri. Yum. Also, pomegranates. And sharp white Vermont cheddar cheese.

Not all at once.

Three Things I am looking forward to:
Next week's Shadow Unit episode, this year's Viable Paradise, and finishing both Grail and A Reckoning of Men.

Mmm. Yeah, time for a honeydew list again....

Three friends I think will respond:
That's totally on you guys.


It doesn't have to be broadcast. Anything you watch on DVD counts. At least I hope so, or I have to change my answer to "Mythbusters, hockey, baseball."

I, too, am greatly fond of veryvery sharp white Vermont cheddar. I know where I get this fondness, too. The first year we had it at smorgasbord, Grandpa kept trying to press more of it on everybody: "Did you try that white cheddar? It's good stuff! It's awfully good stuff! You should have some! You did? You should have some more!" And I kept saying, "Thank ya, Grandpa, don't mind if I do."
I really really like the white Vermont cheddar thing too, and I have to say I know where I got it too--it's all on Zingerman's Roadhouse. Which is not a cool Grandpa story, unfortnately. But "chili cheese fries" is a whole different animal with Angus beef black bean chili, scallions and all of that white cheddar.
...I don't actually watch much on DVD. *g*
Orange cheese is not cheese. Unless it's glouchester.

Ooo, Life. :-( I miss you, sweetie!

Edited at 2009-07-26 12:49 am (UTC)
Yes, that kind. (Sorry about VP.)