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and i'm free, free falling--

I am going to have one glory of a bruise on my shoulder.

The good news is, it's a bruise on my shoulder and not a bruise on my SKULL, because the Jeff had borrowed my helmet and I--

--I see I should start at the beginning.

So we went out the Ragged Mountain today, and the good news is, for the first time in my history of climbing there, I sent something.  It was a 5.7 on a big old slab, and The Jeff had to rappel down to set it (he is so very multitalented) and I am grateful, because hey! I have finally sent a damned route at Ragged! (The first time I ever climbed was at Ragged, and I fell off and hit a boulder. This has set the tone for my climbing there.))

But that's not how I hurt my shoulder. See, before that, we were under the slab, which is a giant chunk of rock that has slid off the cliff face forming a kind of a tent. And he had just climbed up a nasty wet route and through a chimney out ot the Wide Outside and the real cliff, and when I tried it, I utterly failed it. Like, teh suck, with suck sauce. But since we were functionally underground, I had loaned him my helmet, because he was belaying and I was climbing and if I knocked a rock on his head, I wanted it to bounce off instead of him collapsing in a heap. Because that would be even more bad for me than for him.

Anyway, I fell off the wall and swung and hit the underside of the slab. Fortunately, with my shoulder and not with my head. And with the flat back part of my shoulder, not with the important bits.

So now I have a big red spot and it's all squishy, and tomorrow, despite the ice I just put on it, I will have a big purple bruise.

But there were wild blueberries at the top of the cliff. So that was exciting.

I fucking hate climbing at Ragged.
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