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bear by san

March 2017



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holmes confidence

Apparently, I can take benadryl with impunity, but zyrtec kicks my ass. Not only did I pass out for half an hour on the couch yesterday, but I just slept 9.5 hours and could barely drag myself out of bed. And now I want to go back. So. Tired.

Also, I had weird-ass dreams again (this one involved walking along the edge of a pond and having a giant wasp attach itself to my shirt between my shoulderblades. I climbed out on an algae mat and tried to wash it away because I didn't want to get stung while taking my shirt off.

I generally sleep around six or seven hours a night. This is most discomfitting.



That's interesting. I'm exactly the opposite, but then I think that's the more common set of reactions.

Well, maybe not quite impunity - one thing that isn't always communicated well enough is that Zyrtec, while a good anti-histamine for many people, is drying enough that it can impair one's ability to clear a sinus infection.
Yeah. I have to be weird about it.

Also, synthetic adrenalines (pseudephedrine, epinephrine) make me freak the hell out. Sudafed makes me sociopathic, and epi gives me panic attacks. (They put epi in novocaine. I was twenty-six before a dentist clued me in that it wasn't the needle freaking me out; it was the epi. And told me he could give me novocaine without epi in it. I am still going to see that same dentist.)

OMG, so groggy.
(I started taking the zyrtec because the benadryl was no longer helping my poor itchy eyes. I miss the good old days, when I didn't get allergies.)
While I'm still somewhat bitter about all the regulation of ephedra, because it was such a lovely decongestant for me. (I mean, dosage isn't that difficult in terms of using it safely if you aren't being a total idiot. I still wonder if all the fuss about it being regulated because people were overdosing on it was really more about it being a potential substrate for synthesizing methamphetamines. <= BTW, I don't have any evidence that it has been used this way, but the systheses look pretty reasonable.) Pseudo ephedrine was almost a dietary supplement for me for years, until a) the newer generation of anti-histamines came out - thank you fexofenadine - and b) I got good health insurance so I could actually get them.

I've been sparring with my allergies for years, but I think the general trend has been towards improvement (though also higher expectations on my part). Though now, in my third summer in Ohio, I do seem to be finally developing local allergies, which is a pain. (Oh, and I've been using OTC antihistamine eyedrops - on top my daily meds - recently, and they've helped a lot. I no longer look like I've been crying all the time...)
Errg. I hope it wears off soon.

My dreams were no more weird-ass than usual, but I would appreciate it if my subconscious decided to never again signal the appearance of one of my friends in a dream by playing "Let's Get It On" in the background. Yes, subconscious, he is totally hot. I am already aware of that, thank you. I have even had happy conversations with his girlfriend about his total hotness. Most subconsciouses who are fixated on the hotness of a person produce explicit dreams about it, not random space-station-salad-bar dreams with pointed soundtrack. Sheesh.
I've never tried Zyrtec, but Benadryl knocks me ZOMG I HAS TEH UNCONSCIOUS right in my fucking tracks.
Hmm. Maybe we should swap.
Oh, yeah.

(Actually, it didn't bruise as badly as I expected. But I am sore all over. With the sore.)
Yeah, I once fell asleep at my office desk while on that stuff, despite a solid 8 hours sleep, the ringing phones, etc, etc. I had to stop taking it unless my symptoms were really severe. I was also a noticably worse driver, although having grown up in Queens with NYC public transit I feel compelled to point out I'm not great to begin with.
Zyrtec actually does play with brain chemistry some - something to do with dopamine receptors. If you don't like the side effects, you might try claritin (by prescription, as its stronger than whats otc) or singulair. Or the nose sprays like flonase combined w/ the patanol eye drops.
NB: a small subset of users have troubling psychiatric side-effects while on Singulair.
It might be worth another try. Zyrtec crosses the blood brain barrier poorly, and this is the reason for it's "nondrowsy" quality. The fatigue you experienced could be caused by your allergies, breaking through the medication. (Or you could be extra-sensitive.) I sympathize with the allergy battle. I've developed seasonal allergies in my thirties and I'm very annoyed by them. My family does pretty well with Zyrtec and the occasional nose spray.
For the last couple of years Zyrtec has been the only thing that gets me through pollen season.
Apparently, I can take benadryl with impunity, but zyrtec kicks my ass.

You am from bizzaro world! I don't even bother taking benadryl anymore unless I want to be zonked for eight hours. That said, it makes for a great sleeping pill because the side effects are nil and, hey, while I'm sleeping at least my sinuses are clear.

Zyrtec, on the other hand, is a gift from organic angels. Between that and Claritin, I can actually function in this ridiculously allergy-riddled state.
Yeah, benadryl doesn’t just zonk me out— it gets me stoned so I sit there and ramble in a stream-of-consciousness way. (Triprolidine, found in Actifed, just puts me to sleep.) I haven’t yet figured out if Claritin or Zyrtec works better for me yet, but they both leave me fully conscious, which is nice...
Zyrtec doesn't make me sleepy (neither does benadryl, usually) but at full strength it makes my heart race...very unpleasant. There's a children's chewable that's half the strength of the normal zyrtec, which they recommend for people over 65 or people who can't tolerate the full dose. I take that sometimes (I figure my heart thinks it's 65). Why they make harmless old people chew up a horrible grape-flavored thing instead of taking a proper pill, I do not know.
Zyrtec is manna for me, otherwise the snot monsters will win. I take it daily, with no breaks. Beause of my allergies and my other meds, its about the only one I can take, I am lucky it works. It doesnt contain sulfates.
I've been using anti-allergy eyedrops as needed, with good results. Of course, if Zyrtec will induce Zombie!Bear, the eyedrops (not sure what's the active ingredient there) might turn your blue eye yellow with purple polka dots.

In the meantime, I am search of neem oil, because we have bug issues.
They make me photophobic, and I can't use them when I have my contacts in*. But I have been using them anyway.

(Glasses suck for exercise and driving.)
That's sucky. At least it's not yellow with purple polka dots sucky.

Zyrtec was the first to split my names and proper nouns from the rest of my language. Couldn't find a proper noun to save my life. In about 1 year, all allergy meds did that. Two and a half years later don't lose them very often. There is something evil in those allergy pills.
The zyrtec sleepies will soon wear off.
There's a clinic around here that apparently specializes in creatures that attach themselves to your back--at least if their sign is any indication.