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bear by san

March 2017



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literature sally and encyclopedia

My story "Snow Dragons" is up at Subterranean for your delectation. The summer 2009 TOC also includes stories by Alex Irvine and Kim Newman and reviews and interviews.


I like that. But then, I'm fond of new fairie tales.

That was just lovely. The sparrows, the plum blossoms, the ice and snow, the train, the gloves held on by elastic bands, the frostbitten toes.

“Oh, sweetheart,” she says, and for a moment I almost think she’s going to lay her talons on my shoulder. “But then they wouldn’t come at all.”

That part really moved me. Best part of the whole thing, for me :-)
Thank you.

It is the punchline, after all. *g*
LOL, we can both be happy I successfully identified the punchline, and that it worked :-)
I liked it very much. It reminded me a bit of Angela Carter, when she's melancholy and telling the truth through fairy tales.
Thank you. After all, that is what fairy tales are for...
Oh, that was a good story. Thank you.
Thank you!
Nifty story!


*shameless fangirling*
Thank you!

Snow and dragons

I just read your story over breakfast, and wanted to tell you I thought it was beautifully done. It was all vivid in my mind. Thank you for sharing it.

Re: Snow and dragons

Thank you for reading it!
I enjoyed it!
(Couldn't tell you before now because of work's weird policies on whose livejournals are accessible)

It was very welcome, given theme and the evocation of ice, on a hot and muggy day.

Thank you!!!
Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for reading!!