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Whew. Ran out to do some errands (buy flour and mail things, mostly) and just came home to put two new thyme plants in the garden, as TBRE kind of forgot to water the potted thyme while I was in Seattle.

The garden is making squash by the bucketload (I just harvested about eight tiny crooknecks, and there are more where those came from. Also hubbards and whatever the small acorny winter squash I planted was, though those last are slower to develop, of course. The Hungarian wax peppers have a number of fruits, and the habaneros look glossy and good, though only one is flowering so far. Tomatoes--every vine has fruits on it, though the Cherokee purple only has three little ones so far. The Black Klim is farthest ahead--I had one green one, fried in cornmeal, for breakfast yesterday. The Amish paste , Reisentraube, and Green Zebras are all hard at work, though.

The first cosmo has bloomed (dark pink), and the sunflowers are thinking hard. Also, got the first finished cucumber today, and there are a few more out there, working away. And one of my five surviving corn plants is about to tassel!

Second crop carrots, second crop peas, and the mesclun are all poking their heads up, too. Life is good.

Almost makes up for the damned allergies...
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