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Bloody but unbowed

2107 words today, including a three-hour-break in the middle of the section where I had started to get productive to go get the boy and then let him use the computer. AND my hands are killing me. And I still got it done.

Go me.

Act IV, scene xi is done, and it's 29 pages long, and it took three damned days to write. And Kit just backhanded an earl. I knew I liked that boy for a reason.

Being dead is so freeing when it comes to dealing with the peerage.

Also, a much better day today, thank god, although you should see the bruise on my right big toe where I dropped the bottle on it yesterday. I think it wouldn't be overly dignifying it to call it a hematoma.


I did mention yesterday sucked. *g*

And now I will hug my cat.


Alas my love, you do me wrong
To cast me off discourteously
When I have loved you for so long
Delighting in your company
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