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across the icy world, the polar bears. it's mostly uphill.

Sometimes, I like to put my whole music collection on shuffle and let it surprise me. Often, it gives me songs I had forgotten I love.

So today there was gym (yoga and running) and then a massage, and then sushi, and then I was going to come home and finish reading Cindy Pon's Silver Phoenix (the book God does not want me to finish, apparently) and write my column for the GSHW (due today) but I walked into a personal-emergency style deadline crisis (not my personal emergency), so I helped with that and then wrote my column, with the help of a pot of coffee and a third of a bottle of a pretty decent Australian Shiraz ("Layer Cake," FWIW), and now, now, I get to read Ms. Pon's book.

Until I fall over.

Ahh, the glamour. On the other hand, I love it when I can be SuperCompetentLass and Save The Day. It's a good feeling, it is.

I told truepenny she could play with the wolfses for a while, though. I'm taking tomorrow off. Which probably means answering email, but what are you gonna do? *g*
Tags: the glamour!, the writer at work

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