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And on the seventh day, she... found something else that needed doing.

I need to get out of bed, because it's nearly 8 and I've been up and working since 6:30, and the dogge needs to go out and chase the ball and then have a walk and his breakfast, and so do I. (I thought of something I really, really wanted to eat today last night and now I can't remember what it was, except it involved whole wheat toast. Maybe if I look in the fridge I will remember. Maybe I'll make home-made tortilla chips today, around reading my slush and finding some other Useful Work to do. Maybe I will clean the downstairs or something. Oh, and sending out some packages, because it's not actually Sunday, Bear.)

The rain has stopped and it's cool, and judging by experience of The New Normal Summer 2009, those things will not last, so I do need to get a move on if I want to enjoy them.

But the Presumptuous Cat is being adorable and hip-snuggly this morning, and it's cool (she stole my pillows last night so she could make a nest in them. I woke up sleeping along the edge of the bed. Go figure.), and I have a general free-floating sense of well-being this morning.

All right. That will only be improved by a run. See you all on the flip side.  

Station Identification: for the new people joining us in progress, there's also a twitter feed over here. Content is not duplicated, except when it's too good not to tell the WHOLE WORLD.  And it does tend to include live and sometimes intemperate updates on what I'm working on, along with an awful lot of silly links.
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