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December 2021



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Speaking of HUSTLE...

Series Six.


I seriously wish I had managed to love Leverage the way I love this show. Because dude, you can never have too much caper.


Awesome! I kinda miss Stacy though.

Actually, i haven't seen season 5. *goes off in search of DVDs*
It's possible Stacie and Danny will be returning, according to another article.

It'd be kind of cool if they got Billy back, also, because I'd like to see him and Sean compete. *g* And Mickey's attitude problem about Danny hiring in his absence...
That would be brilliant. Just don't let RTD near this BBC show please.

Oh, Billy was kinda awesome. I have a feeling Mickey would be more forgiving of the stuff Billy does wrong than the stuff Danny does. But, yeah, much - awesome sarcasm there.
Billy's more inexperienced and well-meaning, and less of a cocky-ass alpha dog wannabe.
Haven't seen any of it, but just surprised Jen with series one DVD for her birthday, cause: 1) You recommended it. 2) Jen adores Adrian Lester.
You are gonna have. So. Much. Fun. *g*
I wanted to love it for the cast, but the writing was dissapointing, and the characters were so stereotyped...

I gave it like ten episodes, and found I was finding other stuff to do while I was allegedly watching it.

Right now, I am missing Life. And Keen Eddie. *Sigh*

And I'm going to give S2 of Leverage a try, I think. Just in case.
I really miss Life. *sigh*
Rushing to my Tivo. oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

I feel the same way you do about Leverage. Love the actors, squirmy about the writing. And the plot holes.
Sweet! I love Leverage too, but for entirely different reasons than I love Hustle, and it is no substitute. (Although it does always make me want to rewatch Nero Wolfe, which is no bad thing.)
I love both shows, so squee! Though I miss Danny.
I haven't seen Hustle, but I'll definitely have to check it out. <3 Netflix

FWIW, I think of Leverage as "Burn Notice Lite." I'm also slightly biased because they're shooting the current season in Portland, and I worked three days as an extra on one episode (airing tomorrow night, actually).
Hey! I will have to look for you.