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but first, a sandwich and a nap

Some time this morning was spent shoring up the engineering on the tomato cages, which are proving as inadequate for containment of the giant killer tomato plants within as King Kong's chains. A little staking and a few zip-ties seem to have alleviated the tendency to collapse.

They are doing rather well. I'm hoping the current Great New England Tomato Blight will pass me over (none of my plants were from Walmart, which may help--three I seeded myself (the Reisentraube and the two Amish Paste), two (the Cherokee Purples) are from thecoughlin, and two (the Black Klim and the Green Zebra) are from the tomato lady at the West Hartford farmer's market.)

No sign yet that the plants are affected, anyway--but seriously, a nice run of hot sunny weather would help. And some of the massive numbers of green tomatoes dripping off these plants might ripen if they got some sun....

That'd be nice.

Also, something is eating the green parts of my onions. I wonder if it's the bunny. They may have to just be be pearl onions...

Mmm, buttered pearl onions.
Tags: dreams and bones, grow your own, horticulture (no really: horticulture), suburban peasantry

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