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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds morgan and reid brothers

she loves the sun

Yeah, I'm late to the party.  Apparently, this has been her new look for years. *sigh*

matociquala (1:22:17 PM): Speaking of annoying, since when is Vixen a white girl?  (linky)
leahbobet (1:24:34 PM): Since the spinal surgery?
matociquala (1:24:57 PM): heee
matociquala (1:25:06 PM): They accidentally sent her to Michael Jackson's clinic?
leahbobet (1:25:37 PM): Who's bad?
matociquala (1:25:54 PM): Good lord, they did.
matociquala (1:25:56 PM): (link)
matociquala (1:26:04 PM): She had a process while she was there.
matociquala (1:26:36 PM): It chaps Diana's ass, too. You can tell because she's hiked up her panties to avoid irritating it.
matociquala (1:26:44 PM): How do you fight crime in anal floss?
leahbobet (1:27:03 PM): ...badly.
leahbobet (1:27:05 PM): With jiggles.
matociquala (1:27:09 PM): Her boobs are less ridiculous than Clark's biceps though.
leahbobet (1:27:11 PM): (okay, maybe Diana's butt doesn't jiggle.)
matociquala (1:27:19 PM): He has like four sets of muscles there
matociquala (1:27:26 PM): Diana has an ASS OF STEEL

For reference, the Vixen in my head looks like this.

...this is probably why I keep not reading superhero comics any more...


I've fallen into the weird habit of not reading comics much anymore, but regularly reading feminist comic blogs so I can keep up on the latest comics fail. And occasionally find stuff that doesn't fail that's worth finding and reading.
I read the ISB intermittently, and a couple of others also intermittently.

It rarely encourages me to go back.

I'm enjoying Freak Angels, though, and Girl Genius, when I remember to go read them. *g*
Every time Marvel comes out with sudsy fun and body-hugging burqas, or DC bleaches someone else and has a woman's costume redesigned to rely on superglue to stay on, I tell myself I'm done with Underwear Perverts.

But I keep going back, trying to tell myself that this time, maybe it'll be different.

Gawd that sounds like me. Do you read Digger? Also online and full of awesome.

The butt floss comment keeps making me giggle!
You are not the target audience!!!

*snrk* I can actually get that out with a straight face.

No, I really am not. But I could be! If Diana would just hike her britches down, and they'd stop bleaching Vixen...
You know, in the JLA series on cartoon network several years ago, they had her the way you have her in your head (voiced by Gina Torres). That's a rather remarkable change... have you been able to find any reasoning for it?
Not anything I'm willing to accept as reasonable. *g*

Here's an unhappy blog post from last year on the change.

Thank you for the link... that's led to a lot of interesting reading. Kind of amazing how DC was able to let it go without even commenting on it.
Um. Gah. Considering they did a semi-recent plot thread about her powers are connected to Anansi and stuff, and had seemed to standardize her appearance to something more like your link, this really does seem like a blatant error rather than blatant whitewashing.

Then again, it is hardly the first time DC have made this sort of mistake and let it slide.

However, the above plot thread, referencing her African origins, is in issues with later numbers than this cover. And I actually read a few of those issues, and Vixen is "colored" dark (as is Black Lightning, and I forget if John Stewart appears at all) on interior pages.

I agree that DC needs some stiff talking with its colorists, and more importantly should really fire the porntastic cover artist responsible for this and many other porntastic anatomically-incorrect travesties. Frankly, his work is so painfully bad that I don't read stuff he draws.

So I blame bad art and bad editorial decisions to continue with bad art. I say this because the character's African origins (note: she is not African-American, she is from - some made-up African DC country IIRC) and so forth have not changed, and the character *has* been colored darker in inside-pages appearances since then. (And may have been on inside pages of this very comic.)

And the entire JLA series is circling the drain right now anyway; they've fired an author and are desperately coming up with fill-in crap.

If someone wants to complain about Conor Hawke, they have my sympathy (although his appearance always bothered me because blonde's usually a recessive trait, so why is someone with a racial mix approximating that of Tiger Woods supposed to be a natural blond?). But this? This is bad art, and a part and parcel of a bad art problem, not "deliberate" whitewashing.

There are far more important race issues (cf. Conor Hawke) and better things to talk about re: comics and race (the recent re-introduction of the Milestone characters in mainstream DC).
See my direct comments to Elizabeth re: the colouring issues.

Mari's backstory has been tied to two different DCU-specific African nations. First M'Changa, then somewhere else called Zambesi(sp.?) in the wake of a couple of universe-retconning mini-series. Long story there. Whether you chalk it up to Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, the Anansi arc in Justice League or Final Crisis is up to you.
I dunno. I think a repeated pattern of miscoloring her, across a few different titles, is... a pattern. I think it is /part and parcel/ of DC's larger problem, not something to dismiss.

(Mind you, I do think a) Connor Hawke and b) Benes's completely porntastic art are also major issues, on different levels.)
I think that a pattern of coloring problems is an issue, but that it is not necessarily intentional or even unintended racism, so much as it may be crappy editorial oversight. If one wishes to complain about racism in (mainstream superhero) comics, there are better targets than this.

Yes, there is a kind of racism inherent in the idea that if a minor character gets miscolored as white, it isn't noticed as fast as if a minor character is miscolored dark, because the default assumption is paleskins. But there have been scads of other coloring errors out of DC in the past two years, of skin, uniforms, and lots of other things, so I'm really not sure this should be treated as a racism issue.

I have disagreed with activists before about the definition of "racism", but I maintain that using the word makes people very defensive and prickly, and that calling something "racism" when it may just be stupidity and incompetence is not going to further anyone's agenda. (Regardless of whether said incident is racism by your definition or not, setting up people's backs does not lead to understanding and progress.)
I left and came back to read this again, but, in fact, I don't think you're arguing with me, I think you're arguing with a whole bunch of other people.

I call it problematical, a problem, an issue, a pattern. That's what I call it. Because it is.

But check it out. There's a wide spectrum between calling something a problem and calling it irredeemably racist or sexist. You may notice I didn't use either term. That was on purpose.

Actually, I'm pretty sure what I'm complaining about IS lousy art, Of which drawing the African character as a white woman is part and parcel with Clarke's anatomically incorrect everything.
Is that Clarke? Gracious, I thought it was Ed Benes. I may be getting my bad artists mixed up; I dropped JLA ages ago.

I am of the understanding that the penciller and inker have next to no contact with the color "factory" these days, and so I tend to regard line and color as separate issues when talking about DC/Marvel comics. I suppose I *can* blame management for both, but it really isn't the artist's fault what color things come out, and I try to make sure of that separation.

As for "drawing her as a white woman" - the features don't actually look that different from the way she's been drawn any time these last few years, allowing for too many artists' inability to draw distinct faces. And I always get worried about discussions about drawing distinct racial features or distinguishing characters other than by color, because the anime/foreign folks have had such a hard time with the Little Black Sambo problem.

While I expect better from many other forms of comics, these days about all I expect of superhero faces is tolerable anatomy and more than one expression; the average male is lucky to get a distinguishing feature (whatever happened to Superman's chin?), and the women - well, we go by costume and hair color and sometimes cup size, and hope that the generally identical face isn't a pornface.

I'd like better, but I'm not going to buy that a generally shitty industry standard is race-biased. Standards are so darn low that you can't tell Batman from Superman without costumes, much less a black woman from a white one without a colorist.
I think you're having an argument with a conversation that's in your head. *g*
...no, I know who I'm having it with (or at least, I know where I keep seeing this stuff), but you're right, it's not here. Shutting up.
Yeah, that was a great cover. The retcons to her backstory threw me out of the mini-series, mind you.

As to the colouring, you're not alone in the concern over that. It came up on Dwayne McDuffie's own message boards while he was writing the darned thing, and I don't believe he was at all unsympathetic to the concerns. Remember, this is one of the guys who got the Milestone characters mentioned elsewhere in this thread rolling in the first place. He's one of those guys who wants you as part of the expanded target audience...or as part of the payroll.
... I like the Vixen in your head a lot better.
The guy drawing Clark must have met a bully whippet and been really impressed.
Looks like White-Washed!Vixen has turned up in Cry for Justice: http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/40/823052-jlacj_5pg_prev_4_copy_super.jpg
Gah! Almost makes me want them to take her back to her original costume... no, that sucked...

Yes, the Mari in your head is MUCH better!