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she loves the sun

Yeah, I'm late to the party.  Apparently, this has been her new look for years. *sigh*

matociquala (1:22:17 PM): Speaking of annoying, since when is Vixen a white girl?  (linky)
leahbobet (1:24:34 PM): Since the spinal surgery?
matociquala (1:24:57 PM): heee
matociquala (1:25:06 PM): They accidentally sent her to Michael Jackson's clinic?
leahbobet (1:25:37 PM): Who's bad?
matociquala (1:25:54 PM): Good lord, they did.
matociquala (1:25:56 PM): (link)
matociquala (1:26:04 PM): She had a process while she was there.
matociquala (1:26:36 PM): It chaps Diana's ass, too. You can tell because she's hiked up her panties to avoid irritating it.
matociquala (1:26:44 PM): How do you fight crime in anal floss?
leahbobet (1:27:03 PM): ...badly.
leahbobet (1:27:05 PM): With jiggles.
matociquala (1:27:09 PM): Her boobs are less ridiculous than Clark's biceps though.
leahbobet (1:27:11 PM): (okay, maybe Diana's butt doesn't jiggle.)
matociquala (1:27:19 PM): He has like four sets of muscles there
matociquala (1:27:26 PM): Diana has an ASS OF STEEL

For reference, the Vixen in my head looks like this.

...this is probably why I keep not reading superhero comics any more...
Tags: multiculturalism in sff
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