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bear by san

March 2017



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ace the wonder dog

When I try to get him to dance around the kitchen with me, my dog acts embarrassed to be seen with the crazy lady.


My cats do much the same.
Mine too. The late Black Cat of Chaos didn't mind the tango and she'd put up with a waltz, but she was really iffy on the jitterbug. Or maybe she wanted to lead.
He'll participate if I bribe him with cheese.
I think mine secretly wants to, but his adolescent anxiety gets in the way.

What if a girl were watching?
Done. Just done.
Maybe you should see if his girlfriend will dance? He might find being the sole non-dancer more embarrassing than dancing. (More likely, he'll stand patiently and conclude that both of you are crazy, but at least you'll have a dog to dance with...)
Could be the type of dance. Have you tried the tango? Kidding of course, cats tango, not dogs.

However, it would make a cute pic! :)

Edited at 2009-08-04 02:36 pm (UTC)
Then your work here is done.
I'm loving that I have two Davids in a row.

Small things make me happy.
My dog considers one kind of dancing to be a comprehensible form of play, and so she play-bows and jumps around and sneezes happily. And one kind of dancing--the kind where multiple monkeys are touching each other--is pack wrestling and therefore she must get in on it as well. And yet another kind of dancing is a sign of illness, and she croons worriedly and sometimes fetches another monkey to see if there is something to be done. (The frug is an example of illness-dancing. My dog is very worried by the frug.)

It is sometimes Very Complicated to be the Supervisory Poodle In Charge.
Maybe said pup is not sure of the steps?
Or Baptist.
Its just that the dog *knows* that he has two left paws.....