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he wants to be mister vertigo on the flying trapeze

Because I am a lemming, and this is the year of the Colorful Con hair,  I am also dying my hair stripy violet, gold, and indigo.

Yeah, I got more ambitious this time, We;ll see how it comes out in an hour or so: I'm giving the Manic Panic plenty of time to set.

Colors: chiefly Manic Panic Purple Haze (best purple around, though I do want to try Deadly Nightshade one of these days. It might be too dark on me, but the red purple suit my Recovering Redhead complexion better than blue purples do. (I have the redhead complexion from my mom, and my hair is one of those colorshift blondes--it started off ashy white, and over the years has darkened through ask blonde to chetnut and now is brunette with copper highlights... except it never stays that way long. I have a henna habit, even when I'm not bleaching it and dying it purple.) ) and Beyond The Zone Not-So-Shy Violet (which is blue, honey, not violet. It's not even a particularly purple blue.).

Memo: Do not get the super duper extreme forty weight bleach on your scalp.

Even a little.
Tags: hot wax and hair dye

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