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Back from the Worldcon, and as you may have heard by now, I seem to have won a Hugo. (and lost another one--or a tenth of one--for Metatropolis.)

ETA: Via Neil Gaiman, here's a better photo of me (and him and Frank Wu, who nearly deafened me with his whoops of delight). This one shows my punk rock boots to full advantage. Though sadly, Neil is not licking his hugo. (Ellen Klages later licked mine. Perhaps this is a tradition of which I was unaware?)

I'm delighted beyond words by the whole thing. It's beautiful--the base, designed by Dave Howell, is the most gorgeous I have seen (under that rocket on the granite asteroid is a blast pit filled with irridescent maple leaves)--and of course, I mean, it's a freaking Hugo.

I am going to love it and hug it and put it someplace where it will catch the light. This thing is an art object.

No problems getting it through Customs, by the way--we lucked out, and got Fen for a border agent. He just wanted to see one up close.

Other than that, the con was generally wildly pleasant--there was good food, good fun, and an unrelenting schedule. Also absinthe and dancing and meeting some really wonderful new people, as well as catching up with the old. I do regret I didn't get to spend more time with my graduated VP students. I hoped to catch up with them Sunday night post-Hugo, but er. I reckoned without the winning thing. 0.o

(Thank everyone for the congrats. I'm overwhelmed.)

The fun was had despite cascading organizational disasters. We were staying in the Delta Centre-Ville, notable for a dearth of internet access, decent food, available potable water, or reliable access to the rooms the con had paid for the use of. Also, the elevator lines were epic. Epic. Actually, there was no drinking water to be had for love or money about fifty percent of the time anywhere in the con (the green room was a disaster) and yet, despite this, I get the idea everybody had a pretty darned good time.

I was on several panels, all of which amused me, though the clear winner was the sF music one.

It was interesting to attend such a small Worldcon (under four thousand registrees) spread out over so many city blocks. The con never felt crowded, but I saw almost everybody I know--a notable exception was Jim Macdonald, thought I did get to hug the Doyle and their daughter Pip.

Also, the restaurants were nearly universally excellent. Culinary high points included dim sum, szechuan hot pot, absinthe, Ephemere cassis on tap, tortiere, caribou steak (medium rare), and Steak St. Paul. Also, the best eggs benedict of my life, with home made English Muffins and amazing lemony bright creamy hollandaise.

Oh, and while I was out, there was Shadow Unit.

The dog and cat are happy to see me, and now I am going to sleep.

Tomorrow, I start writing Grail, because Amanda helped me figure out where it starts in the car on the way home.
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