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the mythical after time

Well, Worldcon is over (or will be when I deliver the badger to her plane after lunch) and suddenly my desk is full of things that need doing. To wit, before the end of the year, I need to draft a Jacob's Ladder novel and a New Amsterdam novella, make significant progress on another novel, A Reckoning of Men (in collaboration), get an episode or two of Shadow Unit in the can for S3, write a vignette for a tribute thingy, write an introduction for a story in another tribute thingy, do some thinking work on a secrit projekt collaboration thing, think about a space opera and a vampire story, start writing Smile, and maybe make some progress on The Steles of the Sky.

But right now, what I need to do is nag touch base with editors and get the page proofs for Bone & Jewel Creatures and the mmpb edition of Hell & Earth done. And start writing Grail

A busy author, it turns out, is a happy author. All the traveling and glamour are awesome and fun, but they do not feel like productivity or Doing My Job. Rewriting and revising, while vital, likewise do not feel like Doing My Job. Making fiction appear on paper--that feels like Doing My Job. It's satisfying, it is.

I'm excited to be back at it.
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