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bear by san

March 2017



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In which Hal Duncan pretty much speaks for me.

This is not moral decay, but ethical growth.



Spectacular response! Thanks for the link. <3
I saw this via a link from suricattus. Wonderfully written, vivid and thought-provoking and leavened with humor at just the right intervals.
Fabulous, thank you for linking.

I also really liked cucumberseed's blow-by-blow (as it were) response.
Oooh, thank you for linking to that. That was my favorite response so far (though I also greatly enjoyed the conceit of the Elders of Sodom).
Hmn. That's a huge, dense wall of text from Mr. Duncan, and in skimming it I found parts with which I disagree.

But then, I posted a different take on the John Wright debacle. In summary, I say bring on the moral decay. :)
One more vote from the Polyamorous Perverts division of Those Cheap Trashy Bisexuals, They'll Snog Anything And They Just Don't Want To Commit Club.
Hear, hear!
Elegant smack-down. Really a pity about what prompted it...especially since I liked the 'Orphans' trilogy quite a lot.


I think this is going to have to be one of those "Hate the sin, but keep reading the sinner." situations.
Correction: "Hate the sin, keep reading the sinner from used bookstores.."

I need to replace my copy of Ender's Game, but damned if OSC gets one direct cent of my money.
Here's what gets me. I keep thinking gay is okay, slid into mainstream, but then I get hit hard. Like, recently (I know you never got bitten by the Jane Austen bug, but) Norilana Press comes out with JAMES FAIRFAX, which is EMMA in the next universe over--where gay marriage is perfectly acceptable. All over the Austen blogosphere there are prissy posts about how horrible all this new Austen pastiche is, how it's all about money . . . but they don't ding the zombies, or the sea monsters, or the badly written "Mr Darcy, Vampire". Nope, it's the gay book that gets the boot--and it's clear from the context that nobody has actually read it.
Thanks for linking this!
Those Cheap Trash yBisexuals, They'll Snog Anything And They Just Don't Want To Commit Club

I may be gleefully exploring the labyrinthine membership structure of the Elders of Sodom and its allied associations for the rest of the day now.

I blame you.

With gratitude. Thanks for the point, ma'am.
Sincerely, Clue of the Witchkin Weary of Morally Deficient Asshats Trying to Blame Their Hatred on God.
Also an example of ethical growth is Mr. Wright's latest posts on the subject.

Oh, don't get me wrong, he hasn't let go of his abhorrent and degrading opinions. But what he has recognized is the sin of arrogance and pride in his posts, the reality that the Biblical plan for LGBT people is hardly as black-and-white as he presents it, and that his religion urges love and reconciliation even to those whom he despises.

So, you know, that's something.
That's something, as long as he sticks with it. The impression I got from his post wasn't, "I'm not going to act out on my hate (in accordance with the principle of universal love required by my faith) anymore." I got more of a "you guys are dicks, but I love you anyway," vibe.

(I find that show a source of a truly disproportionate amount of comfort, some times.)
Oooh! That was pretty comforting. And pretty. Too bad bigots seem to be completely immune to that sort of argument.
I had the tl;dr reaction about ten paragraphs down, but how did I never notice before that Mr. Duncan was a supremely decorative creature?

Brought to you by the I Don't Care About Orientation, It's Not Like I Had A Chance Anyway Department of Aesthetic Appreciation.
*g* He also has been known to extemporize epid poetry in convention bars. Really, a general credit to our species.
100% yes.
Ditto. And here was my response to Mister Wright: http://quantumage.livejournal.com/10250.html