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bear by san

March 2017



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wicked fairy bowie

mama said son love can't be trusted. it's just another weakness. we all gonna die.

And speaking of catwaxing, here's some Saturday morning link salad.

calanthe_b reminds you that asexual people exist.

Making Light reminds you that crazy desperate people will say some shit that just ain't so. (wrt healthcare issues)

oursin has a few things to say about the same.

annafdd on treating authoritarianism and hate with compassion. 

Man, in the past three weeks, I have gone from "I need to get in for my eye appointment" to "My God, I need a new prescription." It's amazing how fast that can happen. It's like there's a threshold you pass over, from "yep, these glasses are a year old" to "I can't see shit."

Well, it will have to wait for the Bantam delivery check to clear or some other money to wander through the door, because until it does, I am broke like a broke thing. And typing with one eye closed....


Thanks for the link to annafdd's post. I needed that.
Same here. Her post is very thoughtfully done, and a good reminder to keep trying to embrace the Beast.
Don't know if you do this....but if you posty a link for donation I can throw $20 toward the glasses thing (and I bet I'm not the only one). Cuz I've typed with bad glasses and um...ow.

I don't want you to not be able to work on the next books...I'm addicted. ;)
Oh,thank you. I'm a little uncomfortable with that, though--if I'm really desperate, I'll throw a book sale or dance naked on the internet or something. *g* I'm just waiting for someof the various money the universe owes me to materialize.
cool. Figured I'd offer.... :) and I'm always up for a book sale, I think half of my Bear collection came from the last one. ;)

which means now I'm torn, I want you to have Universe money arrive soon, but I also want a book sale. :P
*g* I hate the book sales. They cost me days and days of writing time....

But they are useful for saving my butt when necessary. Getting paid every six months is kind of sticky sometimes.
You can always donate those $20.00 to an organization like Vision Aid Overseas instead.
online eyeglasses rec, if you're interested: http://zennioptical.com/

all you need is your prescription--i got my eyes checked at walmart with a coupon. the cost of everything total--glasses and sunglasses (and prescription lenses for my 19th century repro specs) was less than half for one pair alone. i lose and break my glasses all the time, and we've neither insurance or a great deal of money to spare. several friends also buy from there, so far none of us have had any problems dealing with them.
Thanks, but no thanks. I love and trust my optometrist. He's been my eye doctor since I was eight years old.
I know what you mean about the glasses. My last pair had this weird thing where if I looked out of them through the sides it was noticeably more blurry than if I looked straight ahead. My optometrist pointed out that he wasn't fond of the polycarbonate lenses I had at the time, so when I got my new glasses I went with cheaper optical plastic. And you know? They may be easier to scratch, but the vision is so much better.
If I didn't use polycarb, my glasses would be 3/4 of an inch thick.

I've never had a problem with them, thank God. In fact, I will *wear* glasses now, when in the era before featherweights, I was wearing contacts exclusively, even when they killed my eyes, because they were heavy and awful and hurt, and the distortion anywhere but the exact center of the lenses gave me headaches.
The new blog's feed has now been syndicated on Dreamwidth:
interesting thoughts on asexuality, everyones sex drives are different, and there are those who dont have to fight their "beastial natures" everday. (grin)

Have you considered going into a store and looking through the cheater glasses to find something temp until you can get a new script and glasses? That might help for now.
I was at eight diopters before this latest shift, which I think is my astigmatism getting worse.

Magnifying glasses are not gonna help, man.
Hee. Thanks for the publicity!

Best of luck with getting new glasses soon--needing new ones and not being able to get 'em is my idea of pure hell.
Bifocals are good that way too. The good news is, as nearsighted as I am, I can take of my glasses and read close.

I'm still resisting bifocals, even if people laugh that I hold stuff at length to read small print.