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The I Suck Week ^h^h^h^h Month


Words: 1118
Excuse for stopping: end of scenelet.

Also: about a quarter to a third of a YA mystery outlined. Collaborative effort, that.

And it feels like I accomplished nothing. One of those days.

I suck.

That's actually a good thing, because I've learned the hard way that these chunks of time when I suck and I can't write and no matter what I do it's not any good are just a sign that my subconscious has identified something I could do better. And that it's starting to do it.

So maybe the I Suck Week is a normal part of writerly development.


However, I did do an awful lot of work on non-SM related writing things. And I had the novel experience of a market that I thought had rejected a story a month or so ago emailing me to ask me if they could have it back for further consideration.

I said yes, of course.

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