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bear by san

March 2017



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twain & tesla

There's Czech cover art for Hammered, here.

ETA: So, I discover that I am suddenly very fond of this book again, when for a while I was quite dubious of its quality. I still wish I had been a better writer when I wrote it, but then again, one gets to be a better writer by writing.

Published books are very like adult children. They have lives of their own, and they go off and do and say things one never intended. All one can do is cross one's fingers and hope the balance of what they do in the world is good rather than harm.

This one swears alot, but I think on balance and from the perspective of years, it has a good heart.


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It's too bad that wasn't the art used here; I like it.
Jenny still doesn't look particularly Indian, but I'm willing to cut a Czech artist more slack in how he handles first peoples phenotypes. And she does look stompy, older than 25, and suitably scarred up. *g*

I wonder how it will sell?
Bearova? Cool. ;-)
In celebration, I am wearing a tank top and black BDUs this morning.
That's really a nice cover. Could you tell me which publisher it is?
Laser-Books, which I think is also Ikarie? My Czech in, well, nonexistant.
Ooo. Very pretty.

I should tell the Czech guy I climb with sometimes about that. He likes SF.
ou should! And ask him how the translation is!
Bearnova? I likes it..
Oh wow, I definitely like that cover art better.

I really liked Jenny, and her PTSD flash backs. Though, they went away when she got surgery. She was still a bad ass.
Interestingly, I *just* read this book (after reading a lot of your other writing)--like a week ago this past Sunday, on the way home from California.

I liked it. I like Jenny. I like the pacing. I like the trauma-effects writing.

Once we get through the depositions and yet more divorce papers this week, I'll move on to the other Jenny Casey books and let you know what else I think.
*g* I look forward to it.
Gorgeous art. I'd love to have that as a poster to hang on my wall. To me, it seems so ultimately true to Jenny's *spirit*.
Nice cover! I just re-read these and yeah, this is a much more representative cover than on my copy. And I like that they translated your last name from a non-Czech last name to a Czech last name. (How did you feel about that?)
I didn't really remark upon it. It seemed like the logical thing to do. (It's not so much a Czech last name as a feminine form, as common in Slavic countries.)
I really like her boots in that picture. They look suitably stompy, which is what boots should be.
That's an amazing cover. Far more true to the book, imo.

I love love love the Jenny Casey trilogy. It was also really interesting to see how different your writing was in those books versus your more current ones, in a positive, "Wow, it's neat to see what places Bear's writerly evolution took her" way.
(nods) agreed... although I actually find that trilogy more accessible to me personally than her more recent stuff.
Whoo, that's HOT.
FWIW, I like Hammered (et al). Man, that series does things I can only dream of. And, while I can appreciate the Czech cover, I rather prefer the UK one. :)
Cool cover - this one is more Jenny. I wish they would do a Hungarian translation; I could then read it in a second language. It could happen.
It could! I would like that too.
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