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apparently, this is my alloted One Amnesia Story.

Also, it starts with a guy waking up, but I figure I get a gimme on that because he's dead and the setting is interesting.


Got mugged by the novel (Smile) I'm not actually supposed to be working on to the tune of 1363 words and a whole mess of plot structure today. I'm totally enamored of this book--enchanted by it, even. Of course, alas, I don't get to be, as there is work on deadline that needs doing, but I think I've gotten enough of the shape of what was in my head down on paper that the rest will come back when I have time to work on it.

It comes with a darling and a tyop, too.

Tyop: one-cat fatality
Darling: Books are the most perfect mirrors of all.

And now I'm going to go watch bad vampire porn. Don't wait up.
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