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last car to pass. here i go.

Yesterday, I essayed the three-hourish roadtrip up to southern Maine with marykaykare (who is couch-surfing here for a few days on her whirlwind tour of the Northeast). We stopped along the way for (an enormous) brunch at The (infamous) Friendly Toast in Portsmouth New Hampshire, then visited Portland where (after some explorations prompted by missing the ferry because we couldn't find parking) joined catvalente and justbeast in their secret island holdfast. chang3002.met us on the ferry.

There was coffee and beer and lobster and blueberry dipping sauce and pasta salad and ice cream. And then we drove back. I think I left my glasses in the Island Citadel, though. Ooch.

Lobster + blueberries = some kind of Maine singularity, no?

20090406 013

Scenic Portsmouth

20090406 010

Scenic Breakfast Of Inhuman Proportions

20090406 009

Scenic used cows. (Signage, etc.)

20090406 020

This looks suspiciously like New England. (Scenic Portland)

20090406 022

Signage. An occasional (scenic) series.

20090406 044

Scenic ferry ride

20090406 054

Scenic lobster pots

20090406 061

Scenic sunset over Portland

All in all, a highly satisfactory New Englandy day. I'm so lucky in where I live.

Now, I have to get up and shower and let the dog out, and check with MKK and then get to work on The White City. Because I took yesterday off, so I work today.
Tags: (new) england, maine, new hampshire, peregrinations, signage: an occasional series, you can't get there from here

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