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December 2021



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bless my soul, you really think you're in control?

1526 words on The White City today, and the plots are both really starting to roll. Of course, that means that I now have to figure out what the hell is going on that ties these two murder mysteries together, but hopefully I can do that during the concert tonight.

A concert that I must go get ready for soon, though the idea of putting on presentable clothes in this heat and humidity makes me want to crawl into an ice cave and die.

Lunch today was guacamole tacos. It was too hot for anything else.

More water with lime and mint, dammit. And I made sangria for tonight, so there will be something cold and sweet and fruity when I get home. That may in fact be all the dinner I can stand.

Tyop du jour: Dyachenko shot the door behind him.


That's not a tyop; it's a plot point.
I am reminded of a -- not typo, precisely, since it was handwritten -- more a matter of not being able to read the writer's writing.

It was meant to be, "The door crashed open." It was read as, "The door crawled open," and was later expanded into, "The door crawled open, whimpering as it scuttled out of the way."

I don't think it ever went beyond that, though.
That tyop has possibilities. Go with it.
Agreed. The mental image it summoned was of a Buffyverse Xander-type trying to look debonair with an insouciant "rest shotgun over shoulder" move and, having forgotten to uncock the thing, triggering both barrels into the door behind him by accident.

-- Steve's prone to such imagery, though admittedly it's not well-suited to some types of scene.
What is in guacamole tacos other than guacamole and taco shell?
These ones had cheese, tomato, roasted red pepper, onions, and a shot of hot sauce.

Om nom etc.
Guacamole tacos--like chips with guacamole except with structure? Sounds tasty.
Well, maybe the door deserved to be shot! *cackle*
Well, Jim Morrison is gone, but there are still a few other Doors who could be shot. I say run with it.
I've tagged you here: - hope I'm not too presumptious. If any of the gang from Shadow Unit want to do memes, I can tag them as well.
Thank you very much. *g*

The odds of me actually fulfilling the meme are currently pretty slim, I'm afraid. But thank you.