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bear by san

March 2017



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new england quiet before the work

me and you and a dog named boo

The dog and cat let me sleep in this morning. I didn't get up until 8:30, which was kind of glorious.

And now I have that rarest of luxuries: an unscheduled Saturday with the house to myself (except for the GRD and the Complaint Department). I should probably be cleaning this place (which has entered its usual Deadline Decline) but I may just declare an actual Day Off (I'm allowed those! I am! It says so!) and hang out with the critters and read a couple of books.

And maybe weed the garden and clean the bathroom and practice guitar and play some Bejeweled or something while I wait for my brain to sort out what happens next in The White City.

It's very hard for me to accept that thinking time is actually a productive and necessary part of my process. Thinking, reading, straying around frowning, staring at the blank white page--all of these are actually writing. Somewhere (probably from reading Piers Anthony's authors notes) I internalized the idea that only actually putting words on paper is working. And it's true: if you don't (sooner or later) get the words on paper, you're not writing--you're lying to yourself and your friends about being a writer.

But like so many things, it's not an absolute. All of that stuff--long drives, manual work that frees my mind to think, new experiences and information--the words and narratives and the people who inhabit them have to come from somewhere. Books require ingredients and cooking, much as I'd like them to spring full-formed from my head. Preferably on a speedy and predictable schedule.

I suppose this alternative does save me a certain number of whacks to the skull with an axe, however.


*shakes fist at you* Augh! Now I will have that song stuck in my head all day!
A friend recently told me that my 8 years not writing, but thinking about it - my "walking in the wilderness years" as I like to think of it now - was actually a period of time when I was working on my writing.

Hey, wait! That friend was you! :)

Uh, I have a few hours to myself while the wife and child go off to the beach where I will eventually join them. This leaves me with The LOner FUll of Hate and Piglet Dog while I flay my novel down word by word.

Enjoy your free day!
an actual Day Off (I'm allowed those! I am! It says so!)

Where does it say so, and can I get a copy? (We need a prosaic equivalent of the Poetic Licence, with clauses and everything.)

I remember, 'way back before I was published, in the long-ago and forgotten of time, hearing Jack Higgins say that "even when a writer is just sitting staring out of the window, he's really working." It has clung...
Well, you have to work the contract out with your boss. Mine is a stone bitch, you know? But I'm working on her.....
yup, always count the prep-time as part of the cooking. :)

Enjoy your "day off" while this one marinates. :D
Yes! I have to make room in my writing time for playing games like Bejeweled or Tetris where I can get into a zone and let stuff work in the background.

Edited at 2009-08-22 05:26 pm (UTC)
The spouse calls it "fermenting." Every time I start grumbling at him about how I should be Writing More On This Dammit he is happy to point out that I always need to wander around muttering to myself about motivations and randomly asking people questions like "But how do underground rivers actually work?" before I can sit down and write things.

I've seen just enough beer-making to wonder if I'm going to end up with a metaphorical exploding bottle at some point. But it seems to work, and with writing, I generally figure that's the important point.
I love that Lobo song. My mother had it on a 45 and we used to play it on the console stereo in the living room. (When the dropping mechanism thingee worked...)

hey, if you get bored c'mon over to my place. we're having peoples over for a pot-luck and movie night (if the weather holds we show movies on the back of my garage).

Edited at 2009-08-22 06:32 pm (UTC)
Hey, thanks. But what I really need right now is a week on a desert island. *g*
desert island? wouldn't all that sand get into certain...places...and make life uncomfortable? doesn't sound very relaxing :D
Somewhere (probably from reading Piers Anthony's authors notes) I internalized the idea that only actually putting words on paper is working.

But Piers Anthony also hates cats, so that throws doubt on everything else he says...
I have to keep telling myself this about coding, too. Some days I even believe it.


I think naps are a part of the creative process....

I do both computer work and beadwork, and I switch between the two, depending on which one I need to think about.

BTW, I LOOOOOOVE your books. I read your blog religiously and follow Shadow Unit also!

Joann Loos

Re: I think naps are a part of the creative process....

Thank you!

Naps are totally vital. *g* Also showers and long walks.

Re: I think naps are a part of the creative process....

bathing is for the weak!

um...ok, maybe that's supposed to be, "sleeping."
Yeah, and it's really hard for me to rationalize playing Snood as thinking. But then I get up after playing for half an hour, everything's straight in my head, and I can go off and be productive. Soooo....
LOVE the icon!

The photos are up on my flickr feed, BTW.... which is predictably named!